Cloth Porch

Sweet Little Ones

Leo came and put the eves trough up.  Now that I have a ladder, this means that all I have to do is hook up a barrel to it next spring in order to have running water in the in-house.  I decided to put two downspout holes in it.  One for the garden water which is using chain instead of a downspout simply because I saw this on the internet and liked the look.  I will let you know how it works.

He brought someone fantastic with him.  Beautiful blue eyed Izzie.  She was a very good sport about the thousand kisses that Rudigrrr placed on her little cheeks.  She is a very quiet little girl, totally easy going.  I had to play with her of course!  I also sang and played a bit of music for her and she never once complained.  I am not a good musician so this was pretty cool.  She also let me read “The Giving Tree” to her and since I don’t know her that well, I totally can’t believe how easily she just let me entertain her!  What a sweet child!

When Leo, Kyle and Izzie left, we worked on the cloth porch to get it closed up but did not get quite finished.  The green tarp had a salamander living in it, and while trying to help it to the ground the poor thing fell about 5 or 6 feet from the tarp to the ground.  It walked away after laying stunned for about 30 seconds.  I hope it will be okay.  Anyone know anything about salamanders?  This sweet little one was a darkish colour with a yellow stripe.  We have a lot of them around THO, but I don’t know much about them.  They sure are cute and tiny… I love their itty-bitty fingers.

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Cloth Porch Adaptive

I am facing the awful Toronto traffic again this evening to head back to Tiny House Ontario.  I started a project last weekend and I am going to finish it up this weekend.

Project is: I decided to cover the cloth porch roof, 2×8 boards, 17 of them butting each other in order to keep the snow out in winter and rain out in summer.  I have a huge green tarp which I will use to cover the porch. I think it will be large enough to cover the top and two of the sides.  The other side I will close up with another small white tarp because this will allow some light in.

I think the cloth porch will be a good makeshift shed to bring in items for winter such as the bike, the BBQ and wheelbarrow.   It should also serve as a good spot to put a small wood stove and some wood too.  If I find a Tiny wood stove (cheap) and figure out how to hook it up safely.  My cousin Sandy, who is an outdoorsman says that there are Tiny stoves designed to heat a tent and this should work to heat up the porch and house too.  I was thinking that a few bales of straw would probably help to shelter it a little more as well, but of course then I would have the problem about what to do with these afterward, so I think I will just tarp it up and hope for the best.

A stove will mean poking a hole in the cloth.  I am okay with this because the front cloth is on its last legs now.  It has many small holes in it and some big ones too that I sewed up.  I already got replacement cloth for the porch when it when the $2.metre sale was on in the spring, so when the tarp comes off the new cloth can go up.

I understand that by covering the roof on the South side of the house that I will be giving up a lot of light in the house; however, if this goes well, it will mean that THO will be used a lot more this winter.  Keeping warm is more essential than light, particularly now that I have the 12v system.

I have to add, that the hilarity of how this will look is not lost on me… tarp room with a wood stove, BBQ, motorbike, makeshift kitchen, garden tools, and woodpile attached to the house, sounds like the epiphany of red-neck additions.  Seems like a great place to stop by with the sleds and drink out of a wineskin.  It is making my rural heart sing!

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The Disappearing House

One thing is for sure, I am always writing about the forest at the THO blog.  Too, there are a lot of tree photos posted.  Still, when I take photos of THO, I always try to find the clearest image of the Tiny House and I post these.  Seeing this image which Colleen Murphy took, makes me realize that I have not done a very good job of explaining why the woods are so significant in my day to day life.

I think until you see this image, you might not have realized how totally integrated into these woods THO is.

Really, THO is just a tiny dot built into a tiny clearing.  Indeed, two weeks ago when I had the car, I picked up my neighbour and during the drive she told me there is a clearing because lightning struck there a few years ago.   Where this small fire cleared things is just where I built the house.  Lets hope lightning never strikes the same place twice.

There is only one more clearing in this forest.  It was created because there was a really massive maple there and she was dead, thus I had her cut so I could use the place that she had been holding for herself for hundreds of years.  This maple’s clearing is where my driveway ends, where stone is now dumped, and where both my solar panels and my garden sit.  I am thankful she made it and kept it so well.

The thing is, that if I did not have a driveway, then THO would just melt back into the forest.  She would disappear in the shadows.  And while the structure is strong and built to last, I am sure that without a driveway the forest would moss over THO and turn her into a hollow tree.

Without a driveway, I am convinced that THO would exist only virtually here in the readers dream.  She would simply be an electronic fairy tale.

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The Piles

I have another confession.  I don’t want to be one of “those families”… you know who I mean… every neighbourhood has them.  Their places are run down, and half put together, they have stuff all over their yards that never seems to be used, just sits there rotting and taking up space.  If anyone was doing a project at their house, my neat-freak Mom used to say, “they need to clean that mess up because it is starting to look like the ____ ‘s place”.  You can fill in the blank for your particularly messy family.  My mom kept a very clean home and she did not like mess.  Mom, she would hate my piles!

These days they have a name for people who keep too much junk.  They even have a TV show about them, Hoarders.

The thing is, that there is a fine line between people who hoard and people who keep stuff because it is useful.  Artists often keep a lot of bits.  So too do people who tinker.  Me, I have a few left over building supplies which I am still using for projects.  It is not out of hand but takes up about a 12x 9 space… just as big a footprint as THO, so this, in my opinion is what makes it look so bad.

I put it all on the far side of the house, so that you can’t see it when you drive up, but from the cloth porch, there it is, a little hoard of stuff.  It would be nice to have a shed with some upper beams to slide all that stuff in.  A shed feels a bit like a slippery slope for allowing me to collect more stuff – but admittedly it would be handy for the rotation of seasonal gear, such as boots and sandals, snow shoes and flippers.

Fortunately, I live far enough away from others that the mess is not seen by anyone but me and my visitors.  Still, I wonder, would my remnants piles drive you crazy if you lived next door?  Be honest.

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Too Goofy!

I was taking some photos around Tiny House Ontario while the dogs were in the cloth porch.

They did not like being on the other side much!  I took a photo just to see if it would work through the cloth porch.  Imp, Minnie and Rudigrrr Wolf put up a real fuss.

Imp and Rudigrrrr Wolf had to be photographed again through the sheer side, and I share with you because it is far too goofy to keep to myself.

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