Too Goofy!

I was taking some photos around Tiny House Ontario while the dogs were in the cloth porch.

They did not like being on the other side much!  I took a photo just to see if it would work through the cloth porch.  Imp, Minnie and Rudigrrr Wolf put up a real fuss.

Imp and Rudigrrrr Wolf had to be photographed again through the sheer side, and I share with you because it is far too goofy to keep to myself.

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10 thoughts on “Too Goofy!

  1. Jen Whittemore

    Hi Laura , I saw somewhere you posted a link for where we can find your artwork. I have tried for almost an hour and can not find the link!! Can you please repost it??
    I also wanted to wish you well on your next adventure , I know it will be hard selling your wonderful home but it’s the start of a new chapter, good luck!!!

  2. You have to come again, that’s all! xo L

  3. Cheryl

    I am so thankful that the idiot that owned him in the first place did him a favour and dumped him. Not that I like the thought that he probably went through some rough days but I am so happy that you have him. If the person that owned him before loved him he would have never been left, because a real animal person would ask for help if they were unable to look after their pet! He is pretty goofy….

    • Yes you are right! I am glad that he was recovered by an animal lover and glad that he came to us. The bad little Wolf is so goofy. Vet says he will probably always behave like a puppy. Perhaps mildly mentally ungifted but totally loveable! xo L

  4. Bev Maillet

    heee hee too cute

  5. cindy waren

    glad to see u love dogs too. i have 7, mostly yorkies.

    • I love dogs very much! I am a huge animal lover all the way around. They all excite me just like they did when I was Tiny… tee hee… xo L

      • hahaha Rudigrrr is such a goofball. I sure was disappointed when I was out there and didn’t get to meet your pups. (But then, that would be another 400 photos ha!)

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