Dick Proenneke

I never heard of Dick Proenneke until tonight.  I was looking up some videos on how to build timber frame place out of logs and basically stumbled on this beautiful footage.  His footage, of himself, building a life in the forest of Alaska in 1968.

There is also a second video which was just released in 2011

The third is yet to be released!

If you love this, as I did then perhaps you will also want to read his Journals?  Which can be downloaded free here.

Sometimes the internet is so cool.  How else would I have ever met him?






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6 thoughts on “Dick Proenneke

  1. Patti

    My husband and I watched these videos, I believe, on a PBS channel several years ago, and romanticized ourselves about building a log cabin far off the grid. I lost my love 6 years ago, but these clips brought back some wonderful memories. Finding your blog has stirred several “scathingly brilliant” ideas. I’ll continue to follow you, and dream and plan for my own future. BTW.. I was delighted to find your blog… I live not far from you on the Mountain.

  2. Hazel

    Oh Laura, you are so sweet! I would love to meet you and see your THO! It couldn’t be until October though. I’m off to my daughter’s in Ajax tomorrow and then next week fly to Vancouver Island for most of September.

    I know it won’t matter to you…I am 62 (and growing younger every day ;-)) but obviously at a different stage of life than you. That’s why I suggested to just sell up Hamilton and move! I didn’t know you were so young! LOL

    Will you still be at THO in October?

    • Yes! I will stay there until it does not go above 12 degrees… then it is too cold for me.

      • Hazel

        LOL Super! We’ll arrange to meet then. BTW thanks for the link to Dick’s journals…fascinating stuff.

  3. Hazel

    Oh my goodness! We love the same things! I discovered Alone in the Wilderness several years ago on National Geographic channel or PBS, and recorded it. Then I watched it over and over again! I was so impressed with Dick’s resourcefulness and craftsmanship and love of nature. What a wonderful life he carved out for himself in Alaska. The things he could make with only hand tools! He’s a fine inspiration for choosing your own lifestyle and not going along with the sheep. 😉

    • So… we should not wait to meet by accident! Lets have coffee! Would you like to come to Tiny House Ontario? xo L

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