Nathan Cirillo’s Son

October 31 2014 UPDATE:  Here is a scan of the receipt for the donation to the Nathan Cirillo Trust fund.  I collected $345. of which Paypal takes 3.5%.  I had wanted to donate $50 because I got a matching funds pledge from a friend, and then I added what was missing so we would have a nice round $400. donation in total.

I am sorry the electronic receipt does not give more information but the person at the bank said to show her card and if anyone had questions, they are free to call her.  I told her I was from Tiny House Ontario and she had heard of it, so I think she will remember without trouble that the donation was made in cash.

Thank you again to all those who donated here or elsewhere for little Marcus.  ❤ ❤ ❤

We did a good thing here folks!  ❤

Here is the receipt to show that funds were deposited into the trust account for Marcus.

Here is the receipt to show that funds were deposited into the trust account for Marcus.


October 29 2014 UPDATE: Please do not donate to my fundraiser.  The family of Nathan Cirillo asked (in his obituary) that any donations please be made to the Nathan Cirillo Trust at TD bank.  In keeping with the family wishes I have transferred the funds that were donated to my account so that I can access them to bring the funds, plus my own donation to the TD Bank.  I will be posting the stamped receipt for this deposit as soon as the funds arrive to me.

PLEASE NOTE: With Paypal this can take as long as long as 5 business days but according to Paypal I should have these funds by November the 5th at the latest.

Thank you to all of you who donated, here, there or anywhere, for this little fellow.

❤ Laura


October 25 2014 UPDATE: There are, I have since found out, other places that are taking donations.  There is, for example, a trust account at TD Bank, called the Nathan Cirillo Trust.  If you feel more comfortable donating to them, please do so. I would like to see every Canadian who can spare it, donate a dollar.  If you can spare a little more, I am sure it will be appreciated.


I had a look around the internet this morning and noticed that there are no funding campaigns that are specifically for the five year old son of Nathan Cirillo, who was recently murdered at the War Memorial in Ottawa Ontario. Like Nathan I was a single parent myself and should my life had been taken, I would hope that others would be willing to assist my child with his future. I chose to use the You Caring site to do this because they do not take any money for themselves. If you are interested in donating something for this little fellow’s future, please donate here.

If people do fund this campaign, I will put all funds in trust for his education and hope that some day he might want to build a tiny house of his own.  Nathan and Marcus

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2 thoughts on “Nathan Cirillo’s Son

  1. I just donated and the email it went to was L************ Have I been hacked?

    • Hi Linda,
      Thank you!
      No, it is good. The email is correct. It is an account that I use for all my on-line stuff.

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