The Piles

I have another confession.  I don’t want to be one of “those families”… you know who I mean… every neighbourhood has them.  Their places are run down, and half put together, they have stuff all over their yards that never seems to be used, just sits there rotting and taking up space.  If anyone was doing a project at their house, my neat-freak Mom used to say, “they need to clean that mess up because it is starting to look like the ____ ‘s place”.  You can fill in the blank for your particularly messy family.  My mom kept a very clean home and she did not like mess.  Mom, she would hate my piles!

These days they have a name for people who keep too much junk.  They even have a TV show about them, Hoarders.

The thing is, that there is a fine line between people who hoard and people who keep stuff because it is useful.  Artists often keep a lot of bits.  So too do people who tinker.  Me, I have a few left over building supplies which I am still using for projects.  It is not out of hand but takes up about a 12x 9 space… just as big a footprint as THO, so this, in my opinion is what makes it look so bad.

I put it all on the far side of the house, so that you can’t see it when you drive up, but from the cloth porch, there it is, a little hoard of stuff.  It would be nice to have a shed with some upper beams to slide all that stuff in.  A shed feels a bit like a slippery slope for allowing me to collect more stuff – but admittedly it would be handy for the rotation of seasonal gear, such as boots and sandals, snow shoes and flippers.

Fortunately, I live far enough away from others that the mess is not seen by anyone but me and my visitors.  Still, I wonder, would my remnants piles drive you crazy if you lived next door?  Be honest.

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4 thoughts on “The Piles

  1. Michael

    If that is the only pile then I would say you are doing just fine. It looks like mostly building materials that will be used in the future. I have seen many houses with FAR more in there yards. From junk cars to rusting washing machine…

    • Hi Michael,
      Yes, this is the only pile. I am going to merge them soon for winter. I also have a large porch box out there tucked around the corner… There is a good bit of work over in that corner coming my way because I am going to have to move everything to put the stone dust down.
      Like my mom, I don’t really like the look of clutter. But I am a mess maker because I love to be working on projects.
      xo L

  2. i think you are being a lil’ ocd on this topic. THO is still a work in progress and is in flux. A few odds and sods for the next project will inspire you in the long run.

    • Hilarious! Me OCD! BAHAHAHA! Well… maybe just a little. Then of course, you are an artist and I bet you keep stuff around too.
      BTW, did you know that your studio and my old addy are nearly side by side? I lived less than 10 houses away until October of last year.
      xo L

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