Cloth Porch Adaptive

I am facing the awful Toronto traffic again this evening to head back to Tiny House Ontario.  I started a project last weekend and I am going to finish it up this weekend.

Project is: I decided to cover the cloth porch roof, 2×8 boards, 17 of them butting each other in order to keep the snow out in winter and rain out in summer.  I have a huge green tarp which I will use to cover the porch. I think it will be large enough to cover the top and two of the sides.  The other side I will close up with another small white tarp because this will allow some light in.

I think the cloth porch will be a good makeshift shed to bring in items for winter such as the bike, the BBQ and wheelbarrow.   It should also serve as a good spot to put a small wood stove and some wood too.  If I find a Tiny wood stove (cheap) and figure out how to hook it up safely.  My cousin Sandy, who is an outdoorsman says that there are Tiny stoves designed to heat a tent and this should work to heat up the porch and house too.  I was thinking that a few bales of straw would probably help to shelter it a little more as well, but of course then I would have the problem about what to do with these afterward, so I think I will just tarp it up and hope for the best.

A stove will mean poking a hole in the cloth.  I am okay with this because the front cloth is on its last legs now.  It has many small holes in it and some big ones too that I sewed up.  I already got replacement cloth for the porch when it when the $2.metre sale was on in the spring, so when the tarp comes off the new cloth can go up.

I understand that by covering the roof on the South side of the house that I will be giving up a lot of light in the house; however, if this goes well, it will mean that THO will be used a lot more this winter.  Keeping warm is more essential than light, particularly now that I have the 12v system.

I have to add, that the hilarity of how this will look is not lost on me… tarp room with a wood stove, BBQ, motorbike, makeshift kitchen, garden tools, and woodpile attached to the house, sounds like the epiphany of red-neck additions.  Seems like a great place to stop by with the sleds and drink out of a wineskin.  It is making my rural heart sing!

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One thought on “Cloth Porch Adaptive

  1. Steve

    Last paragraph made me LOL 😛 … Maybe it would sound like it (redneck-y), but maybe it sounds more like a good idear for better use of the space you have for your needs 😉

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