Sweet Little Ones

Leo came and put the eves trough up.  Now that I have a ladder, this means that all I have to do is hook up a barrel to it next spring in order to have running water in the in-house.  I decided to put two downspout holes in it.  One for the garden water which is using chain instead of a downspout simply because I saw this on the internet and liked the look.  I will let you know how it works.

He brought someone fantastic with him.  Beautiful blue eyed Izzie.  She was a very good sport about the thousand kisses that Rudigrrr placed on her little cheeks.  She is a very quiet little girl, totally easy going.  I had to play with her of course!  I also sang and played a bit of music for her and she never once complained.  I am not a good musician so this was pretty cool.  She also let me read “The Giving Tree” to her and since I don’t know her that well, I totally can’t believe how easily she just let me entertain her!  What a sweet child!

When Leo, Kyle and Izzie left, we worked on the cloth porch to get it closed up but did not get quite finished.  The green tarp had a salamander living in it, and while trying to help it to the ground the poor thing fell about 5 or 6 feet from the tarp to the ground.  It walked away after laying stunned for about 30 seconds.  I hope it will be okay.  Anyone know anything about salamanders?  This sweet little one was a darkish colour with a yellow stripe.  We have a lot of them around THO, but I don’t know much about them.  They sure are cute and tiny… I love their itty-bitty fingers.

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2 thoughts on “Sweet Little Ones

  1. Hmmmm… I did not think about that. Water is at a premium because there is no well. I will be sure to keep my eye on it, thanks for the heads up Michael!
    xo L

  2. Michael

    The biggest problem with the “chain downspouts” is wind. If the wind is blowing most of the water will go where the wind tells it to go.

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