It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. ~E.E. Cummings

In the summer of 2011, Tiny House Ontario became itself in the forest in Eastern Ontario. I lived there until the cold came and found that, it is a creative, philosophical, authentic, non-consumeristic as well as a life first way of living.

I believe that one does not, so much, live in a Tiny House; these houses come alive in us.  They change those who are courageous enough to take this leap.

Tiny House Ontario, has a 108 square foot foot print. By the time the walls fit on, and the cupboards and sofa move in, there is a 5×7 living space (that is 35 square feet).  This  35 feet has a table, chairs and a small recliner in that space too.  Thankfully Tiny House Ontario also has a 1/2 height loft with a king sized bed, so at night there is no arrangement to do, just up to bed.

Every spring, just as soon as it thaws, I move there stay until the freeze comes again.  I go with my four dogs and my polar bear;  alright, so I don’t really have a polar bear!   You have to admit that a polar bear makes me living off grid in the forest with the four dogs seem a little less over the top.  Actually, on reading my blog over the months and years, you may find that there is nothing over the top about my way of life at all.  You may even find peace in me.

In the spring of 2012 I added a 12 volt off grid power system and I also built on a little in-house so I could forgo finding a spot on the 10 acres to do business on. In spring of 2013 I started to capture rain water so I could wash myself there too.  There isn’t a well yet, nor heat and there is no modern plumbing; all of these are still in the making. The land does not lack for trees, rocks, wildlife, nor does my tiny homestead lack from projects that need doing.

Courage my loves, soon I might be able to tell you where this leads me.


21 thoughts on “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. ~E.E. Cummings

  1. Shari Russell

    My husband and I would be interested in learning more about this community. We own a home in Cambridge, ON and want to downsize asap.

  2. Robin

    Great to hear about your small living experience.

    Have you ever come across anything saying the 108 square feet foot print can or cannot have a second floor?

    There by giving a bit more space.

    Best regards

    Hoping to hear from you

    Robin Beasse

    • Hey Robin, every municipality is unique, in the case of the municipality where tiny house ontario is located, I was able to build a half story upstairs. The rules allow for a certain height and so I build nearly to the maximum, and the second story inside must be under 6 feet tall, in order for it to be disregarded as floor space. This technically makes the floor space of my house 93.75 square feet… but it is really double that in usable space. 😀

      You need to check and recheck the rules in the municipality to see what restrictions you must deal with.

      Best, Laura

      • Paulette

        Hi im looking to downsize and I love love the idea of a tiny house. I live alone in a 4 bedroom house. I welcome the idea of a 400 to 500 sq tiny house but want in on a foundation. My question is this, is there a tiny house community in the Cobourg, Peterborough or surrounding areas. I need to stay relatively close to an ailing mother

  3. Travis

    Hi Laura

    Great work on your site

    I’m in the shield north of kingston living the cabin/homestead life … Used to be tiny cabin (175sqft) since 1999 but has been bumped up just this winter to 700 now that it’s a four person 4 season family affair.

    Long story short is that I’m having trouble finding the right buyer for my guest cabin (gypsy caravan style) and would be greatful for any advice you have in finding the right people!

    Currently I have it listed on kijiji under tiny home.

    I’m sure you busy with all sorts of stuff so I don’t want to be a bother, if you have any thoughts let me know.

    Many thanks


    • Travis, I am so sorry this somehow fell into the spam folder so I did not see it! Did you sell the place? I looked on kijiji and did not find it. Perhaps you have sold it now?
      If not, tiny house listings and 0r send me the link and I will post it for you!
      Best to you!

  4. Carolyn Marenger

    I am curious as to where in Eastern Ontario you are and what if any issues you have had with respect to building permits and so forth for your building. Have you had any obstacles to jump over, bureaucracies to deal with, red tape, or has it all been simple?

    We are planning on buying land in the area, currently living in a duplex in Alexandria, and like the idea of a tiny house, being off the grid and self sufficient. With only another month or so of snow on the ground, we are just around the corner from getting going ourselves.

    • Hi Carolyn, As far as I know tiny houses are not legal anywhere in the Kingston area. Specifically tiny houses on wheels have a problem because you cannot live in an RV on unoccupied land. One way you could get around this is to buy a home that is rural, rent the house out and live in your tiny house on your land. It might be of benefit in terms of if you find the right property you can hook up to the main house’s amenities…
      The way that I went is another option – but this is a HUGE risk… Because I do not have a permit, I am basically at the whim of whoever the current building inspector is. How I did it is that I built a tiny house which is totally INSIDE the allowable for non-permitted buildings on unoccupied land. I sit just under 108 square feet, I sit right under 15 feet in height and I DO NOT live there, but just visit frequently. The risks are two fold. first, you cannot get insurance on such a building. Second is that perhaps the current inspector thinks you live there and wants you to tear it down. It is a lot of money to put out when you may possibly lose it all.
      This said, tiny housers are not really conformists but trail blazers… It is up to you to decide if you are or not.
      Good luck, no matter what you chose and kind regards to you in your move.

      • Carolyn Marenger

        Hi Laura,

        Thank you for the response. In our case, where ever we live and whatever we build will be our only home. As such, I do not think it is worth the risks you mentioned.

        Not to say we won’t end up in a tiny house, just we will probably be more official about it. 🙂


      • Excellent! Keep me posted.

  5. Mike Liberty

    An inspiration! Im hoping you can help my wife and with finding a builder of tumbleweed tiny Like home in Ontario. I believe seeing something on your blog not too long ago, and now I cannot seem to find it:(

    Its always enjoyable gong on your site!

    Mike Ottawa, ONTARIO

    • Hi Mike, There was someone up your way who was starting a tiny house building company but they seem to have dropped off the radar. I will post something on THO’s Facebook wall and see if I get any bites. Please however screen – bites often come from people with aspirations of quick money and little skill.

      • Mike

        Great! Thank you so much. I found this guy an hour ago that will ship them to canada. Seems like a good lead… He build one for a fellow residence near by. This is it on the site I might have been successful with the search. The only problem now is knowing where and what is legal to park it at? Thanks for your kindness and help!


        Sent from my iPhone


      • I am pretty sure that any of the US tiny house builders will ship them up here but the problem is that you will have to pay duty on them which would be a killer. I am not sure if you know that any carpenter should be able to build a tiny house. Specifically if you buy some plans. I mean, I built mine (with a little help) and I have only limited experience with such things.

      • Hey Mike, One of the readers got back with this. There is a tiny house for sale in Ottawa. You could make an appointment to see it, maybe you will like the house and won’t have to go to the trouble to build one. Or at the very least, if you are happy with the way it looks but don’t like the layout, you can also find out who built it.

      • Mike

        Is funny you sent that! Lol I was researching and found a place in Memphis called happy tiny houses, and then I found out after emailing the owner of the company that he had built the very house you emailed me! Such a small world! I emailed the owners in Ottawa and haven’t received a response yet;p hope to hear from them soon. To your point, I would love to skip all the trouble of having it built. Thanks again so much do your support. It means a lot to me.


        Sent from my iPhone


  6. Gosh you have two things I wish I had ….no make that three…..Peace, a tiny house and Canada. I have been living in the states for 14 years and miss home so bad. Got to do something about that real soon. Love your stories….Hugs Barb O, a missing canadian.

  7. Cynthia

    You are an inspiration, thank you.

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  9. i wish you success in your work!! god is always with you and blessed you!! Thanks

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