The Disappearing House

One thing is for sure, I am always writing about the forest at the THO blog.  Too, there are a lot of tree photos posted.  Still, when I take photos of THO, I always try to find the clearest image of the Tiny House and I post these.  Seeing this image which Colleen Murphy took, makes me realize that I have not done a very good job of explaining why the woods are so significant in my day to day life.

I think until you see this image, you might not have realized how totally integrated into these woods THO is.

Really, THO is just a tiny dot built into a tiny clearing.  Indeed, two weeks ago when I had the car, I picked up my neighbour and during the drive she told me there is a clearing because lightning struck there a few years ago.   Where this small fire cleared things is just where I built the house.  Lets hope lightning never strikes the same place twice.

There is only one more clearing in this forest.  It was created because there was a really massive maple there and she was dead, thus I had her cut so I could use the place that she had been holding for herself for hundreds of years.  This maple’s clearing is where my driveway ends, where stone is now dumped, and where both my solar panels and my garden sit.  I am thankful she made it and kept it so well.

The thing is, that if I did not have a driveway, then THO would just melt back into the forest.  She would disappear in the shadows.  And while the structure is strong and built to last, I am sure that without a driveway the forest would moss over THO and turn her into a hollow tree.

Without a driveway, I am convinced that THO would exist only virtually here in the readers dream.  She would simply be an electronic fairy tale.

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