I can’t help but sing, The times they are a changin’.  Feel free to play this in the background while you read along.


Alicia wrote to me (thank you) to let me know that she found this gem while looking around the Stone Mills Township website.  It is absolutely awesome news for those who own property in Lennox and Addington.

Not only are you able to build a secondary dwelling on your property that you can rent out, but it looks like for the time being you can apply for a $20,000 grant to help with the costs.

While looking all of this up to be sure that it was accurate, I also found out that the City of Kingston has also opened up for secondary dwellings!  And they too have a grant program for home owners!!!

When I posted this, my co-Admin Lulu (awesome thanks!)  let me know that Simcoe County is also allowing secondary units and the have a $25,000 grant available as well!

Since Canadians are not accustomed to having secondary dwellings, I will share some options – my suggestions would be to match the style of your house so that the smaller house fits your neighbourhood.  Fence off a small section of your yard or property  and put in a separate driveway, so that that the neighbouring house is clearly seperate from your own.  If you are in town, corner lots are ideal for this.  If you are rural it is just a matter of finding a place on your land which is most comfortable to separate.

  • You can build yourself and rent out the secondary dwelling.  (requires personal investment)
  • You can look for someone who wants to build a tiny house and have a land lease drawn up.  I would suggest something like a 50-100 year transferable lease with the homeowners having the first option to buy.   (requires very little personal investment)

I am SO HAPPY that these options are finally opening up!







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Tow-Tek Trailers

I would like to thank Tow-Tek Trailers from Mitchell Ontario for their generous donation to the proposed Tiny House Community in the area of Kitchener Ontario. It is nice to see that a trailer company that really believes in the tiny house movement!

I have been communicating with the owner of this company, Ron for the last few months, fact is, that he has an excellent product and has done a quite a bit of research so that he can understand not just our needs, but what we are looking for in a trailer.

The consequence is that he is producing and selling absolutely gorgeous trailers that are custom made for tiny housers in this province (or outside of it too I suppose). The work is excellent and the prices are fair too; particularly considering the quality of this product. Fact is, Ron and his guys will even frame it up for you to your specs!

I invite all of you who are building a tiny house on wheels to take a peek at their product at thier facebook page and give them a like.

Tow-Tek is located at 3882 Wellington Road South in Mitchell Ontario and can be reached at 519-872-7855

Here is some eye candy for you!

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Proposal Kitchener MATH… UGH

I have had a few people send me messages on Facebook to say that they would like to put a deposit down for a lot/house and so too would I be willing and able to do this.

QUESTION: What I would like to know is this.  If I took the time and money to hire a lawyer and open a trust account with this lawyer would you be ready and able to put $15K in there within ten business days?

WHY AM I ASKING???:  Because, if ONLY 50 of us were to put $15,000 into the account, we would then be able to purchase the land in Breslau (with a condition that the community will allow a tiny house development here).  Then if another 50 of us put $15,000 into the same account we would have collected 1.5 million all together; this would, I believe give us the money to sever lots and to develop the land with water, sewer and hook up lines to the first central structure.

This 8.31 acre property is of course 361983 square feet which if my guestimate is at all accurate makes each square foot of land cost roughly $4.15 per square foot but of course this raises to probably more than double that cost/ square foot for the lots due to the fact that we loose space and money to the main house, walkways and roads.  I would guess this would bring lot cost to roughly $15./square foot.

We would make two sizes of lots available.  Again this is a guesstimate on numbers because I really am unsure what a lawyer costs and also what development of lots costs… so here is the ballpark:

—  LOTS —

For about $21000, (56×25) 1400 square foot lot for houses that are 400 square feet and under (these lots can only have a garage if it sits under the house).  They can also have a basement and fruit cellar.

For about $37500, (56×44.65) 2500 square foot lots for maximum 500 square foot houses that may have a garage (under or beside).  They can also have a basement and fruit cellar.

Your initial investment of $15,000 (minus your legal fee) is to go toward a deposit for your lot, OR returned to you once the majority of the lots are sold.  Once the property is purchased and the trades have to be hired this deposit money will also be used to pay me a living wage of $800/week for organizing all of this and for consultancy due to the fact that I will have to work full time at this for a few months.

If all if this seems agreeable to you and you are ready to invest please comment here (I will NOT make it public) or send  Tiny House Ontario a private message on Facebook.  If there are 100 of you who are ready and willing to put your money in then I will hire a lawyer immediately.


Here is the style of homes that I would like to see in our tiny house community.

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Kitchener… Lets do it!

Do you want LEGAL tiny house community in Kitchener???

Well you are not alone!  In May of 2016 I was contacted by a person who works for the City of Kitchener, she let me know that this city REALLY WANTS a tiny house community to be developed. Over a hundred comments came in from people who want to make this happen.  We even had a potential investor and this fell through because no developer came forward.  While I am NOT a developer and I sure as heck don’t have money to purchase a 600K property, get it zoned, developed and so on… I certainly want to have one of these communities in this area and I would purchase a lot and build there!



Now it has been about two years and nothing is happening!

I have 700,000 people who read this blog and I ask each of you to donate $5 or $10 or whatever you can afford… DO this IF you believe that there should be a legal place for tiny housers to live.  For the cost of a Starbucks coffee you could be building a community.  If you think you would want to (and can) live in this community let me know and I will be sure that whatever you donate will be considered a deposit for your lot.

What I envision is lots size would be 25×56 feet, houses would not be allowed to be larger than a 500 square foot, footprint, plus single garage.  These houses would never be allowed to grow beyond 500 square feet.  The lots would be privately owned but people would act as a collective corporation so that all services can be incorparated.  In other words, water, sewer cable, wifi, electricity and the running of the central building,  which would have guest rooms, laundry facilites and a large meeting room would be covered by a small condo fee of less than $100 a month.  It would also cover snow and garden maintenance as well as the central building maintenance.  Each house would be on the grid connected to the central system of the central house.

You do not have to want to live here, just to believe in this as a cause!


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Cloth Porch Closure

Every year Hj and I close the cloth porch at the end of fall.  This year is no exception to the rule, though we did find it difficult to do it this year because of the rain!  As my friend Colleen points out, we girls with curly hair could expand so much that we will take flight if the wind hits us!  HA!

The problem with the rain though is that I don’t want to capture water in the porch before I close it up tight, because it is then difficult to get rid of the dampness, and it turns into a sort of green house.  YUCK!


Photo stolen from Colleen Murphy (who is not the only one with Moxie)

Though it does not look like a big deal, every year the job of closing up the porch is massive!  Up and down the ladder getting everything perfect and closed so that the tarps do not billow, takes some head work as well at time.  It is not a physically difficult job with the exception of moving and climbing up and down the ladder; just annoying.

So when Hj and I were fixing the porch this year, I was also executing a plan to use a new system for this as well.

What I wanted is a UV protected (to keep algae from growing), clear, reinforced, cover that can can be easily rolled up in the spring and then rolled down in the fall.  For this I needed to purchase some items:

3x clear polyethylene 10×12 tarps @ $15.99 each =$32

1x box of 3 1/2 coated screws @ $9.99 = $10

10x 8 foot long 2×2 pressure treated boards @4.43 =$45

2x 12 foot long 2×2 pressure treated boards @ 2.00 (heavily discounted) =4

60x large heavy duty washers (already had these)

50 feet of nylon rope @$3.38 = $4

1x clear tarp tape @10.  = $10

TOTAL $105.


Should any of you also be considering closing your porch I will share my method.  Over the door, I simply removed the panel that has the cloth in it and covered it with tarp, then Hj put it back in place.  This was done with the remnant of the side tarps that had to be cut to size folded at the edge and taped using special UV and weather resistant tarp tape.

Once they were cut to fit over the existing boards (longer at the bottom and top, they were rolled onto the new 2×2 header boards and stapled on.  Then the header board was screwed in place, paying attention to put the nylon ropes up that will tie them in place in the warm months.

After the header board and ropes are up then a base board is attached to the bottom being careful to roll this up on the OUTSIDE so that the tarp is against the wall tight, the bottom is then stapled on and rolled up then secured with large washers and screws when the tarp is both: tight against the wall, AND down all the way to the bottom board.

After the top and bottom are done, it is just a matter of cutting the 2×2’s to the right size for vertical edges, then use a screw with a large washer to secure these down.  The washers are to keep the screws from going in too far and to create a larger surface tension to hold the boards so that the tarps will stay.  We also put the screws through the grommets where these were available to us.


In the spring, the vertical boards will be removed and numbered… and the tarps will be rolled up tight against the roofline.

Next fall, they will simply be unrolled and screwed down again at the bottom, and the side boards will be put back in place.  I estimate that opening and closing the porch now will be a half hour job instead of a two day ordeal.

With the cloth of the porch and the reinforcement lines of the tarps the porch is not really clear enough to see through (unfortunately); however, the porch is bright and wind free. In the sunny days it will be really warm out there as well.  We don’t heat the cloth porch, but use it for cooking, and doing dishes year around.  We also store our snow shoes there and use the  room to take off our boots and winter clothing.  It is a sort of “mud” room in the winter.



The only unfortunate thing is that I did not think of making roll up tarps much sooner!

















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