The Last Hoorah!

The weather here is wonderful now. Just at the edge of cold and bursting with greens that edge over into golds and reds. The wild purple asters are fully in bloom and golden rod too.

At night there is a critter who is climbing up on the roof and running around.  S/he wakes me up with the patter of heavy, but little feet.  I suspect it is a porcupine, because I have found quills around many times.

I will close up the cloth porch this Thanksgiving weekend and head back to the city on Tuesday and thus, I will miss the big fall show here in the forest unless we get a cold snap before then.

I will miss the woods, the life, and the air.  But this corner of the planet sustains me, simply by existing even when I cannot be here.


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Property for sale

A friend of mine is selling seven acres of incredibly beautiful lakefront land with a yurt and bunkie, on it.  The price is $154,900.  It is 45 minutes from Kingston and 90 minutes from Ottawa.  Here is the link.



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Ontario Building Code, Orillia

Here is the building code for Ontario, as it has to do with size.  This was provided to us by Ontario’s amazing tiny house researcher, Lulu Chan, who in turn got it from the Chief Building Official from Orillia, Ontario.

The attached (below) is both an interesting and sort of hard to read document which shows that Ontario building code will allow for homes to be built that are 239 square feet, plus a bathroom.

Orillia is open for any of you who are interested in purchasing land and putting up a house of this size.

Now for the rest of the province!

What does about 250 feet of well designed space look like?

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 8.10.58 PM

A gorgeous 250 square foot floor plan



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Inside Tiny House Ontario

Tiny House Ontario is looking so sweet these days.  I thought it was as good a time as any to share some updated photos.


Fruity table cloth – LOVE

Built a corner bench around the table in the cloth porch.  $112.

Bought an antique chamber pot for the in-house. $50

DSC00620 (1)

  1. DSC00920

    Tiny House Ontario

    Not much new in the kitchen.    Sofa and stonework with the wood stove (I am not happy with the stove)

  2. DSC00923

    Tiny House Ontario


Exterior after the rain

DSC00924 (1)

Tiny House Ontario 2016


Tiny House Ontario

Entry corner.

HJ reading under the solar light in the cloth porch


Tiny House Ontario cloth porch reading by LED solar lights


Tiny House Ontario Loft



Tiny House Ontario, loft – bedroom, king bed and ceilings tall enough for me to stand under.


The Tiny Bad Wolf of Tiny House Ontario  :-D  

  • Rudigrrr Wolf at the table.
  • 4/5ths of the dog pack waiting at the door


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Guillaume’s place

It has been a long while since I updated you on Guillaume’s tiny house.  I think the last time I did, it looked like this:

Guillaume's Trailer

I don’t even think I let you know when his house looked like this:


I did not even fill you in when it was moved – which was pretty exciting!!!



Then last fall when I stopped to see him and the siding was being put on, I also did not update you!


And yet, the building went on.

The other day I popped over to see my Guillaume and his house.  Unfortunately, he was not there.


DSC00733 (2).jpg

I did find something unexpected!

DSC00729 (2).jpg


A porch!!!

And with the exterior now finished, I am sure there will be lots happening inside there in 2016!


She is a beauty Guillaume!

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