Sweet Little Ones

Leo came and put the eves trough up.  Now that I have a ladder, this means that all I have to do is hook up a barrel to it next spring in order to have running water in the in-house.  I decided to put two downspout holes in it.  One for the garden water which is using chain instead of a downspout simply because I saw this on the internet and liked the look.  I will let you know how it works.

He brought someone fantastic with him.  Beautiful blue eyed Izzie.  She was a very good sport about the thousand kisses that Rudigrrr placed on her little cheeks.  She is a very quiet little girl, totally easy going.  I had to play with her of course!  I also sang and played a bit of music for her and she never once complained.  I am not a good musician so this was pretty cool.  She also let me read “The Giving Tree” to her and since I don’t know her that well, I totally can’t believe how easily she just let me entertain her!  What a sweet child!

When Leo, Kyle and Izzie left, we worked on the cloth porch to get it closed up but did not get quite finished.  The green tarp had a salamander living in it, and while trying to help it to the ground the poor thing fell about 5 or 6 feet from the tarp to the ground.  It walked away after laying stunned for about 30 seconds.  I hope it will be okay.  Anyone know anything about salamanders?  This sweet little one was a darkish colour with a yellow stripe.  We have a lot of them around THO, but I don’t know much about them.  They sure are cute and tiny… I love their itty-bitty fingers.

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Music of the Heart

We arrived safely at THO at about 1:00 and shortly after, I had a visit from someone who played a more than significant role in my life.  Kiki is the sort of person that we need in our life, who believe in you when you not exactly the greatest human inspiration.   Who know how to inspire you to be better, even if it is a little kick in the ass that is required.  She opened doors for me in a time of my life when it seemed that I only faced closed ones.   It was just awesome to see her!

As a way of paying forward the kindnesses that I experienced all those years ago I made a fast stop  to do a small pay forward.  Getting through is not always easy for brilliant and creative people.  It is sad – at least it is for me – our talented artists should be able to make a living from their talent!  Do you agree?

After Kiki’s visit, I had to skip to Kingston after to pick up a few things and also stop to see Leo who is coming this morning to put up the eves trough.

We had a bite to eat and after dinner Tiny House Ontario was just starting to warm up so Hj and I took turns playing the McNally Strumstick (G).  This is such a great little instrument!  We are both not musicians and yet just like McNally promises you can’t hit a wrong note and right away you feel like you might be able to do it.  The guitar I have only wishes I could play it as well!

What can I say, today at THO there was music of the heart.

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Going Up The Country

Update: Not five minutes ago I posted this and turned off my computer, HJ bent over to pick up the dog and can’t stand up… something in his lower back… So, I won’t be leaving tonight after all… just sitting here listening to Canned Heat and Hj whining…  He will not (of course) go to Emerg.  Men!

We are leaving Hamilton now.  It is nearly 3 hours later than we expected to go… Hope the traffic is totally clear.  If it is we should be there by 1:00 am or even a bit earlier.

Keep your wheels on the road, that is the plan.

See you soon Tiny House!

xo L

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Back Home

Another confession:

I frequently make up stupid songs based on people’s music and sing them to the poor unfortunate people who are with me.    GILLY GILLY OSSENFEFFER KATZENELLEN BOGEN BY THE SEA (Al Hoffman / Dick Manning) is my most recent victim… I posted the Beatles version of this some time ago and learned the tune and melody.  After I learn a song then I plagiarize, pilfer, twist them depending on what is going on.

Here is this morning’s THO version based on my being on my way back home soon….

There’s a Tiny House,

in the Tiny Woods

Where a Tiny Girl

Filled a Tiny Dream

Now the house sits still

waiting there for me

It is Tiny House Ontario

Chocolate shed in forest

loved by me-e-e-e-e…

OK… so now you know, I am not much of a song writer but if you know the tune, as I do, it is kind of funny.


Well, my dogs think it is funny.  They told me so with their eyes.  They had to do it this way, because of course dogs hardly ever laugh out loud.  At least mine don’t.  Do yours?

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Great Lakes

My nephew and niece as well as her boyfriend are visiting Canada from Germany, and are leaving shortly for a bit of a tour around the area to see a little bit of the Great Lakes.  Their plan reminded me of Great Lakes song by the band Harlan Pepper.  The video above is not professional, but from 2009 and at the time of this the kids are still in high school in Hamilton, Ontario.

I like the feel of this homespun video, a more professional version of this song Great Lakes is on their 2010 album Young and Old.  I love the setting that they use because it reminds me of my own family gatherings.  You know, there is nothing like sitting on the porch in the summer singing and having a few beer with friends.  I guess, unless it is sitting on a porch on a Tiny House on the Allegany Mountain (part of the Appalachians) and having so much talent.  The whole thing is pretty sweet I think.

I have seen Harlan Pepper play live a few times now, and I am a big fan of what they sing as well as their laid back homey style.  I guess it is odd that I love them so much, given the wide age difference, but the singer reminds me physically of young Bob Dylan; too the lyrics are snappy and while the music sounds new it is grounded in all the music that I love best.  Of course it is not much of a leap that I am a fan of these young musicians.   I think a lot of their charm is that they seem like the kids next door and I guess in my case they really are since my Hamilton place is around the corner from from them.  I don’t know the young musicians but our kids went to the same school for a time many years ago.

While I was thinking about them, I checked in at their website today.  I am mighty pleased, because I notice some movement and think that there may be a new album in the works?  If you like the sound, they have a lot of shows coming up: all in Canada.  If you want to catch them live you will have to get up here to Canada for a visit.

As for my visiting family, I hope that they enjoy the trip North. I also hope that they see the lakes in the way that Harlan Pepper and I see them.  I love Great Lakes!

Gute Reise!

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