Time Warp

Over the winter one of the new cupboard doors warped just enough that the magnet can’t catch it.  I borrowed a clamp from my cousin Vernie and attached the clamp (below) before I left for Hamilton.  I am hoping that the door straightens out.  I have not put a finish on the cupboards yet, because they are not all built yet.  This is probably why it warped.  I am sure once they have some teak oil on them that they should remain warp free.  At least I hope so.  Clamped cupboard

I came back to Hamilton for two reasons.  The first being that we have tickets to see Leonard Cohen at the Copp’s Coliseum on the 9th.  Plus, I had to buy a car and Hamilton is a large city with a better selection of second hand vehicles.

I am 47 years old and this is my first car.  The reason I need a car is because I will be bringing my artwork to the Kingston Springer Market all summer and it won’t fit in Baby, my 2006 Honda Vino motorbike’s, trunk.  Certainly I can’t carry a table, chair and banner on her either.  The car is old.  Granted, not quite as old as me.  It is a 14 year old VW Golf; which in car years makes her practically a classic.  It has pretty low milage and it is in reasonable shape for its age.  Hopefully the car (whose name I do not know yet) is ready on the 9th as promised.  She is getting new brakes as well as a safety and air test done, then on the 10th I move to THO for the year.  The house is already opened for the year so all I have to do is unpack and check to see if the clamp worked.

Then the season of 2013 can begin for me in earnest.

LauraVW Golf

I decided on a Golf because they have a lot of storage in the hatchback and so the trunk will become my tiny house office and studio on wheels.

I hope she will be a good car.

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Today, I am in Hamilton.  While here, I took a few minutes to stop at a couple of the wonderful old tiny houses that are part of the Hamilton Ontario, neighbourhood: Kirkendall North.  I left cards at couple of particularly charming ones to see if they would be interested in allowing me to tell the story of what it is like to live in these houses and a little about the history if known.  If the owners will meet with me, then I will do features about them on Tiny House Listings.

The houses I selected are all about a century old and appear to be between 3 and 5 hundred square feet in size.  I really hope to hear from the owners, not just so I can meet the Tiny Housers… but also because it would be fun to share some new stuff about old tiny houses with you, and to learn about them myself.

The great news is, one of the houses had someone at home… and surprisingly, I was invited in.  I have secured a time to come back to do an interview and take some photos.  It is a charming place which if I am well organized you will learn about next week!  Are you all as excited as me???

Here is a little info and some wonderful photos from the Kirkendall neighbourhood that might give you some idea of what is coming your way.

Below is an obscured photo of one of the houses that interests me.

Maybe this one?

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Owning Black Friday

Here is an idea…


If you have to buy:

Today, I am not shopping, but I am going to also take some advice from Johnny Cash… I am going to dress in black, in my case to mourn all the wasted resources that the planet gave up because of this crazy consumerism!


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Fresh Fall Food

It has been as cold as 8 degrees below zero up at Tiny House Ontario.  I left the garden totally uncovered and mostly everything is now frozen off;  however, there is still some fresh food available for nosh.  I had cut down all the swiss chard when I left three weeks ago, because I figured it was on it’s last grow; surprising thing, is that it grew up again so I got another nice sized bag to eat.

The flat leaf Italian parsley was started late this year with a 1/2 a pack of 5 year old seeds and even with the horrible drought, it has been producing enough for me to use all summer.  It is a perennial that continues to grow too, year after year, as long as the winter freeze does not kill it.  The other half pack was what kept my Hamilton house in parsley for the last 5 years.  A very good producer for a $3. pack of organic seeds!  I cut off three good sized bundles to make 3 tabouli salads; one for me, one for my cousin S, and another for my Aunt C, so we all got a nice healthy side dish this week.  There is still plenty there to make a couple of more salads but it is fun to dig under the snow to get it, so I left it.

Sage is another easy keeper.  I don’t plant this from seed because one plant is PLENTY for my family.  Among other things, it makes what would be a good sweet potato and coconut milk soup, really great.  Sage has nice deep undertones that stay on the pallet a long time after eating.   Here is the recipe that I like, because I am a GF veg*an, I simply substitute chicken broth for a gluten free veg*an soup base.  I also don’t fully puree mine because I like bits – and speaking of bits this is nice with a handful of chopped peanuts on top too.

So, what I wanted to say is that I am glad that I did not dig up the swiss chard.  It was a zero mile mouth full of yum!

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Magic Coffee

In the morning you can watch the kettle boil, which of course never happens.  Or you can open your eyes and look around.

Fortunately for me, in the woods there is always something beautiful to see.  Today I had a look over to see how fall is settling with the hawthorn Twerp.   Then I looked over the prickly pear into the forest beyond.

When I looked back my grandma’s kettle was magically boiled.  The coffee was delish!


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