I finally ordered a Neo 2 Alphasmart to use for my writing.  I have a number of writer friends who own, and LOVE them.  They are basically just word-processing computers that work on batteries that seemingly last forever.  I have already used it for my writing and have found that it is fantastic because it has the ease of use of a computer without the weight and also without any distraction.  One of my friends did two NANOWRIMO years with his and did not have to change the batteries.  This was the clincher for me.

When I ordered it the person in Vancouver said that it would be a week getting here but it was significantly faster than that.  I picked it up from my Aunt’s house in town yesterday, because Tiny House Ontario does not really have an address and when I ordered my eyeglass prescription last year, they delivered it to my neighbour –  who gave it to me two weeks after they arrived.  Using my Aunt’s address was a significant improvement!

Today was the first time that I had the opportunity to use my new word processor  and I am happy to say that I wrote about five pages of text that I am really happy with.  These will become a part of the novel that I am working on.  Outside of my obvious blogging, this is the first good solid writing I have done this year.

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