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It is great to get out on a sunny afternoon and snowshoe!  Yesterday, my husband and I strapped up and headed out.

There are lots of tracks out there in the forest.  The little arrows of wild turkeys, our own tracks, coyote/wolf/dog tracks, the little tracks that look like human babies but are really racoons and another long fingered critter perhaps the dreaded fisher.  On our walk about we also found a few holes which may belong to weasels.  Sadly too, it looks like one of our paper wasp colonies died this winter.  Their entire hive was shredded and opened.

What in life could be better than having your own little place and some land to walk on?

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Sunny Winter Day

Sunny outside!

It is a perfect winter day here in Ontario!  The temperature hovers around 0 degrees, the sun is shining.  The snow is covering the ground – white and fresh.  It is the sort of day that nature calls you to go outside and enjoy it.  The perfect day for a long walk on snowshoes through a Carolinian forest!

Sadly… my snowshoes are at THO and I am in Hamilton.  It just isn’t the same in the city, is it?   The sidewalks are all sloppy  and gross.  The cars going by splash you as they pass.  Even so, I think I will pull on my most waterproof pair of boots and venture out with the canine pack.

Have a nice day all.

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Wichtelhütten Ontario

A message came through via email yesterday.  Richard, a friend from Germany, was hoping to get a photo from Canada.  The photo is for some sort of a competition.  Although it is not clear exactly what it is about he needed an image from as far away geographically from Germany as possible and the photo has to have the word Wichtelhütte in it.

Wichtelhütte means gnome house or little people house.  The irony that I live (~half the year) in a Tiny House with a bunch of Gnomes placed in the surrounding forest was not lost on me.  How could I resist?

I enjoyed a wonderful Solstice at my Wichtelhütte, a Norse Yule with friends in Kingston, Christmas with my sister and her family in the countryside, and today a smooth trip back to Hamilton to have a further holiday celebration with family here.

My days are currently filled with fun stuff to do with people who hold great meaning to me, and lots of wonderful things to eat too.  Life is great!

No matter how you choose to spend the last days of December 2012 I hope that you have enjoyed days as wonderful as those I have shared with my loved ones.


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THO gets painted…

I have been painting like a mad woman since yesterday morning.  There are many changes that have taken place on the THO painting since yesterday, so I thought I would share for anyone who is interested.  It is quite insane how much paint it takes to cover such a huge painting.

I am going to let it dry now before I make the colours all muddy.  Plus, I must stand under warm water and I have to prepare for tonight’s writer’s meeting.

Tiny Roots in progress

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Thanks Sandy

My cousin Sandy dropped off a small camping stove for me which he bought years ago when he was in Quebec.  He calls it a Quebec Heater.  They are used to heat tents while winter camping, checking trap lines and so forth.  They weigh very little so they are practical for environments which require them to be removed.   I am going to hook it up in the cloth porch soon and in the spring I can simple remove it and reclaim the space.  It should work awesome for winter porch parties!

Thank you Sandy!

Here is what it looks like before the hook up.

Quebec Heater

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