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Sunny Winter Day

Sunny outside!

It is a perfect winter day here in Ontario!  The temperature hovers around 0 degrees, the sun is shining.  The snow is covering the ground – white and fresh.  It is the sort of day that nature calls you to go outside and enjoy it.  The perfect day for a long walk on snowshoes through a Carolinian forest!

Sadly… my snowshoes are at THO and I am in Hamilton.  It just isn’t the same in the city, is it?   The sidewalks are all sloppy  and gross.  The cars going by splash you as they pass.  Even so, I think I will pull on my most waterproof pair of boots and venture out with the canine pack.

Have a nice day all.

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At Tiny House Ontario, the forest floor is crisp and white with snow and the trees are simply grey scale.  At night, the moon has been large and round in the sky drawing shadows across the smooth white surface.  It is lovely.  This morning when I woke it was snowing it was so breathtakingly lovely that I curled myself into a ball on the plush brown blanket and rested my head on my arm, simply watching the snow fall.   It is absolutely monochromatic here except the house which is, of course, the colour of chocolate.

I realized when my tummy started grumbling that I had been there three full hours.  I don’t know how the time got away on me, really… I felt as though I were there for just a moment.

The good news is: now I can snowshoe!  Woot!


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Thanks Sandy

My cousin Sandy dropped off a small camping stove for me which he bought years ago when he was in Quebec.  He calls it a Quebec Heater.  They are used to heat tents while winter camping, checking trap lines and so forth.  They weigh very little so they are practical for environments which require them to be removed.   I am going to hook it up in the cloth porch soon and in the spring I can simple remove it and reclaim the space.  It should work awesome for winter porch parties!

Thank you Sandy!

Here is what it looks like before the hook up.

Quebec Heater

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Crying in the Rain

When we left Tiny House Ontario it was raining all day.  We had not planned on closing up for the season quite yet, but I will not go back for a couple of weeks and it has been unseasonably cold.  As a caution, I thought I better take all liquids out of the house as well as to empty the rain barrel.  Simple reason, I don’t want things to be ruined by freezing nor or by freezing and thawing.

The car was pretty full because of having the last chair in there already.  This meant that the battery operated stuff will have to come back to Hamilton on the next trip.  Flash lights, drill, radio, solar lights and battery from the bike will all come here for the winter on the next trip and after this we only get back from time to time.

There is not much of 2012 left as far as THO season goes… I hate to leave there.  With it raining and grey it feels like the sky is crying.

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Bound to go… tiny AGAIN…

Well, I have sold my big city house and purchased a 900 square foot one closer to the centre of Hamilton. I am getting settled in here now and have caught up on my writing. I started painting again and, I am planning a trip to visit my tiny house for a week. Not sure how the tiny house will be in December with no heat. I did get a small propane heater which you light outside and then bring in. It seems to stink but it is the best that I can do for the time being. Also I have about 30 candles there. It seems silly, but I expect that multiple candles will actually keep it warm once the propane heater brings the temp up to normal, two candles worked on cold evenings last fall. I will know more after my visit.

I am not yet unpacked in my small city house, and this morning my husband says, “can I make you a cup of tea? Interesting call this morning, it seems that I will be offered a job in Germany, not until 2014 though. How do you feel about a move?. Well… the small house here in Hamilton is the 32nd home I have been in. I say, will your brother build us a tiny house in Germany? I am keeping my tiny house here, so that I can visit and come back if I want.

Yodelaheeeewhooooo! Who does not love Munich? I certainly do!

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