Little Miss Muffet

I brought in my new ladder from the cloth porch and when I set it down IN THE TINY HOUSE W/C, a huge monster jumped off.  My heart rate tripled.

I have run away!  I am in town now and I am seeking a hero.  Anyone?  Doors are unlocked and this big furry bastard is in the new WC… guarding the fly swatter.  I think it wants the house…

It is HUGE and it jumps.

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5 thoughts on “Little Miss Muffet

  1. Mike D

    Well! That explains all the rain we’ve been getting.

  2. EEEK! I would have looked like a step dancer trying to stomp that one!

  3. It is not a dock spider; much too fat and stocky. Still, really do not like spiders, for good reason. I am allergic to many (of their bites) and carry an epi-pen at all times. The spider had to go. It is now a late spider. No tears shed. I am sure that I will not sleep well tonight despite having murdered the thing. I imagine hundreds of them will visit me for many nights in a row….

  4. Nick

    Its just a dock spider we get them in our bunkie in Tweed all the time. Just shooo him out. Nothing to worry about. They are great friends to have as they eat black flies and mosquitoes.

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