Thanks Sandy

My cousin Sandy dropped off a small camping stove for me which he bought years ago when he was in Quebec.  He calls it a Quebec Heater.  They are used to heat tents while winter camping, checking trap lines and so forth.  They weigh very little so they are practical for environments which require them to be removed.   I am going to hook it up in the cloth porch soon and in the spring I can simple remove it and reclaim the space.  It should work awesome for winter porch parties!

Thank you Sandy!

Here is what it looks like before the hook up.

Quebec Heater

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5 thoughts on “Thanks Sandy

  1. Hello there,
    Ontario here as well!
    I have one of these stoves myself, though had to buy it new in a box. Tips for you is to put some sand on the bottom, then a small grate on the bottom. This will extend the life of the stove as well as allow the fire to burn better. My grate is re-cycled fireplace chain covering. The stuff that slides back and forth in front of fireplaces to arrest the sparks. Mine also came with little feet that you screw on the bottom.

    cheers and nice blog you have here.

  2. So how does that heater work? Looks interesting.

    • Hi Sharon,
      It goes on the stand (inside of it in the photo) on the flat end. The smoke stack and the wood feed are both on top.
      When I get it set up I will post photos.

  3. I was thinking about your problem and the only thing I could come up with was a wood stove that heats from outside. Many farm houses around here have them rather than an indoor furnace. Not sure how small you could find one, looks like your problem has been answered for now hope it works for you.

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