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Two weeks ago Jill wrote to me.  The note she sent was both surprising and hopeful.  In fact, it brings the tiny house movement in Ontario to the cusp of a new era!  We have finally had our first real, significant and open bite that Ontario has had from a community.  She enquired with the city and apparently, Kitchener is open to having a tiny house community, the only problem they have is that they have NOT been approached by a developer.  So… knock, knock, knocking now on the doors of developers!


If there were a community there, my husband and I would seriously consider this.  We are currently still tied to this area, because of my husband’s work, so it would mean selling our house and building another tiny house to live in.  My list of wants for a tiny house community would be: A central shared building with laundry, a full kitchen and common room for community gatherings, a classroom and a guest room or two so that we could run classes.  Full hookups for sewage, water and power (even if we choose not to use them), a community garden space, private fenced lots of roughly between 15x 30 and 30x 50 feet for each house (good fences make good neighbours and they also keep pets safe), and I think each lost should have a shed for storing off season clothing, sports equipment, hobby and outdoor items, gardening tools.

Personally, I would also like to be a part owner in such a development.  In that, I would not like to lease or pay rent on the land for the rest of my life.  I would strongly prefer for all of us who would potentially live there to be the land owners.  What I mean is that I would like the developer to organize this in such a way that the lots are each privately owned and that we each own a share of the common spaces and everything is decided through the voice of a common not for profit board, similar to a condominium structure, which is to say that we would still have a fee to pay for common needs such as building repairs to the common structure, snow plowing, land taxes and all other common expenses of the community.


A few questions:

  1. How many of you would be in the VERY SERIOUS financial position to consider living in a tiny house in Kitchener?
  2. How many of you would be in the SEMI SERIOUS financial position to consider living a tiny house in Kitchener?
  3. How many of you would be in the position for a lease to own position for considering living a tiny house in Kitchener (good credit rating, for a mortgage and leasing space)?
  4. If you were able to answer yes to any of the three questions above – then what would you want from a tiny house development?  Do your desires differ greatly from my personal needs that are listed above?

Lastly… Do any of you know a developer who would be interested???

If you don’t know the city, here is some information About Kitchener

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83 thoughts on “Kitchener, Ontario

  1. miketest1000

    I am a professional engineer and entrepenuer and interested in developing a tiny home village. I would like to know more about what Jill found out from the city, etc. Could you get me in contact with her?

    • Hi Mike, I think if you are interested you should simply approach the community. As you see there is plenty of interest in a community. Myself and my husband would also be keen since we have to be in this area due to work. Kind regards Laura

      • miketest1000


        Thanks for your response.

        At the moment I am interested in knowing what the city of Kitchener has to say about tiny homes. I don’t know 1) How to approach the community (what does that mean?) 2) I don’t think whoever the community (must be a group of people) have all been in touch with the city 3) So I have no idea who to contact 4) You mentioned Jill had contacted this city and I would like to know more about what she found out, and I don’t see how contacting the community is going to help with that……

      • Hi Mike, if you are in the position to consider such a development the word is that Kitchener is open to this discussion. Jill, the person who wrote to tell me this is not in a position where she can be involved. I would assume that the community (City of Kitchener) being open means that the first step would be to contact the building department and see what, they have in mind and see if their desire matches your own.
        I am not sure why this is so difficult to understand? Perhaps I am not communicating clearly because I am unwell.

  2. Beth Ramsay

    I am looking to retire in the Kitchener area in the next 4-5 years in a tiny house and preferably in a community. I am keeping my fingers crossed that one of these communities develops soon. I would appreciate being kept in the loop somehow. If it means an investment now to live there in the next 5 years I am in.

  3. I am starting a business building small homes out of shipping containers. My model home is nearing completion and will be on the market soon. I am focused on using sustainable and affordable practices that help hardworking Canadians achieve the life style they deserve. I would love to be apart of this project check out my blog!

    • Hi Josh, thank you for reaching out. I have some questions about your build… why is your roof too short for the building?

  4. Am I too late to express a genuine interest? Haven’t been here in a few months ’cause the lack of changes to by-laws was just too depressing! I live in Burlington & used to live in Cambridge, Kitchener would be perfect for me. My only major criteria is that I Stay within a 1 day trip of my current Family Doc ’cause I’m disabled & don’t wanna find a new one.
    I’ll be selling my current condo in the next 6 months or so & plan to move to a bachelor apt til I figure out my next permanent solution.
    A “Townhouse Condo” scenario would be ideal. Where we all own our own property/buildings…but pay fees for snow removal,garbage collection, landscaping, etc. And a Community Centre would be awesome. While I’d prefer to have my own en-suite laundry? There are actually some VISITORS I wouldn’t mind farming out! A couple of overnight guest rooms that could be “rented” by community members would be terrific. My aunt had that in a building she lived in in Scotland for $10/night & it was so handy to stay there instead of her tiny apartment.

  5. Eddie

    How can I get in contact with you. I have projects on the go including Solar, Solar Modules, other Construction project as well.

    • Hi Eddie,
      You are in touch with me by writing here, or you can also reach me on Tiny House Ontario Facebook page.
      Kind regards,

  6. Finally! I’ve found a tiny house community in the KW area. I currently live in Kitchener and love the idea for the tiny house movement. If this is something a lot of people are serious about I would love to join.

    Personally outside of Kitchener/Waterloo would be better because the houses are going up so fast around here and I personally would not want to be surrounded my big houses. Something with a little more privacy would be ideal, for the future community.

    If people are still talking about this it would be great! Love the idea of a main building for a community feel, laundry facilities especially.

  7. I love the idea of a tiny home community in kitchener waterloo area. I’m local and as I approach the end of completing my degree and get ready to settle into adulthood a tiny home would suit my needs and budget and I would love to build and support like-minded people in a sustainable community. I will definitely try to stay in the loop on this topic.

  8. Nira Milo

    Now that I read some of the previous communication I can say that I am very interested in the project. I have been following the movement since it conception about 10 or more years ago. It has been on my vision board ever since. I am close to retiring age but not ready to retired. Haveing the community not too far from a city is a great plus. One of my requirement is that I will have enough space to build a greenhouse or the community will have one. I am an avid grower of tropical fruit trees.I will also need an area large enough to grow my own food, have a couple of chickens for eggs only, and possibly a goat for cheese. Unless the community will have that. I have the financial means to buy into the project. I will not be able to build my own tiny home, therefore my funding will have to cover that as well.Please keep me in the loop with news

    • Joan Fast

      Hi Laura and Nora,

      I’m not sure if this is an appropriate response but I’m replying in case.

      Way back when this link was started I sent an email saying I would be interested in purchasing farmland for myself and my horses in the Kitchener area. I expressed my interest in a property that did not include livestock for consumption… I live in Kingston but was considering moving further west to be closer to family and friends in that area. Unfortunately I found the costs of land in the Kitchener area to be cost prohibitive. I have since continued to explore land in the Kingston area. I currently have an offer in on a 35 acre property 20 minutes from Kingston. There is potential to purchase more land adjoining this property. The 35 acres I am considering includes a three bedroom house, an in law suite/apartment in a separate building and a frame-in for a green house. I will be looking to rent/lease either the three bedroom house or the in law suite/apartment along with 2 acres for someone interested in gardening, permaculture, and/or running their own small business that would be complimentary to my equine therapy business.

      I would like to share the property in this way and would also be interested in purchasing the additional land down the road a bit for a small tiny house community.This of course would be conditional on Kingston (Frontenac County) being open to allowing a tiny house community. To date I have not approached the city about a tiny house community as I would not be in a position initially to take it on as an extra project. Moving, and some necessary renovations on the property along with establishing an equine therapy related business will be my first priority.

      Sincerely interested in exploring ideas,

      Joan Fast

  9. Hi, I live in Uxbridge and love the idea of a Tiny House community. Years ago, after visiting a friend that lives in Kitchener in a well planned development, I became interested in the concept of a well planned community. Finding this website has got me thinking that it’s time to find out about our local zoning bylaws. I would like to be relatively close to amenities, while living amount the trees and nature, in a community of like minded people. I can envision something like an old state campground (read big trees and lovely stone fire pits) , with larger lots and a few shared resources.

  10. Candice Blackmore

    My boyfriend and I are very interested in buying a tiny house. We want to live completely off grid and live simply. But where to put our tiny house. So we would be very interested in this community, hopefully it allows cheaper options for those who want to live off grid. But I am very interested in a community of like minded people.

    • What do you mean by off grid… like no electronics and such or something different? Sorry for prying just interested where other people are coming from.

  11. I moved away from KW just a couple of years ago, but I miss it greatly. I had been agitating at town hall to get permission to build tiny for years before that. I’m 6000 kinds of interested in a tiny house development. And while I am on social assistance presently (due to lack of jobs in Toronto), they have indicated that they want me to live more affordably (Which is literally impossible where I live currently, unless I’m on the streets). I have already downsized and sold most of my belongings just to afford shelter and food, and it won’t be long before I have to start choosing between them. No one should have to experience that. No one. /: I am willing to do whatever it takes for this development to happen and I’m 110% on board.

  12. marillawex

    I am very interested in being a part of this community and would love to be kept informed.

  13. Stephanie

    1000% interested!!!! Please forward my info to relevant persons and let me know what I can do to help make this happen!! My family of three (husband and I have a 3yr old daughter) also aim to remain Car-free so somewhere with access to transit and grand-river car share would be ideal. ❤

  14. Lori

    Hello , yes this is such a great idea and I would love one of these tiny homes and think every city should have them.

  15. Susan

    I would seriously consider it however I would like my tiny house to be bigger than 200 sqt – would opt for the just under 400 sqft…. Would depend where in Kitchener though….

    • Frank and Cristiana

      We are also looking for about 480 sq ft…a couple of shipping containers 1×40 ft and 1×20 ft

  16. Cheryl fretz

    Can you please forward my information to Jill.. I love in Kitchener and am also looking to build a tiny! Anyone in the k/w region I’m willing to help us get this community!

    • Frank and Cristiana


  17. Please contact me if this goes further. This is exactly what I would like to be involved in and Kitchener is perfect!

  18. Ocean

    Hi! I’m VERY interested in making this happen. I have a good credit score, some savings and help from family. Also, it would be great if it’ll be close to the University of Waterloo.

  19. Lisa Kelly

    I’ve been interested in the tiny home movement for sometime. I’m in Toronto, very interested and have the financial means.

  20. Gabi

    After extensively traveling and seeing 1000’s of smaller communities I can safely say that this idea has good karma. Anything is possible as long as you don’t fall into the government trap.

    Now for the REALITY CHECK! Everywhere on this planet PPL have been trying to do same since around 6,500 yrs ago when male priests took over Egypt by charging for alms to get into afterlife. True fact. Before this men and women alternated in ruling over earth and systems. Women held land and property on it. Men protected women and kids, in turn protecting land and property. Hence a mutual arrangement and lifestyle.

    Corrupt priests and their descendants spread like wildfire, spreading their system of rule as they went. It is this system of commerce and rule we live with now. It’s why many are turning to alternate ways of living and to get back to original rights, in part, as priests have decimated everyone’s natural and inherent rights for profit. You play in their corrupt sandbox of statutory law and you will lose every time, as literally Billions of PPL on earth have to now. Natives have lost land to them, and so have farmers, towns, communities, freemen, freemen on the land, regular PPL and list goes on and on. They will nickel and dime you, tax you, regulate you, harass you, and drive you nuts till you’re in the poor house or totally broke.

    The only way is to KNOW YOUR LAWS … in order (simplified version)
    1 = universal laws of universe and everything. Literally! The stuff tyrants don’t want you to ever know … hidden in ancient texts and knowledge.
    2 = natural laws. Laws of nature = survival, eat or be eaten, know your wild foods, remedies and poisons, animals etc.
    3 = common law. Laws of ALL peaceful and wise people from ancient times to now, with emphasis on healing and making everyone better. Making an environment for everyone’s better life. Decisions made by your peers as a whole by virtue of your environment and circumstances … NOT some priest, noble, lord, judge or henchmen for them. It is your most powerful law against the following.
    4 = common law of England. Common law of the people. Learn it forwards and backwards, inside and out. Better check out for explicit details.
    5 = civil law. Derived from Roman civil law … good tool against government and the corrupt.
    6 = statutory law / state law / lord’s to noble’s to sovereign’s private estate law dominating over the PPL or voluntary slaves / gentiles on claimed land. The LOWEST form of law as it deals with animals as cargo. YES, they consider you as animal cargo as long as you’re singed with / UNDER them.
    7 = cannon laws. Specific to Roman Catholic Church, its subsidiaries and ilk. This is very important as the church has carried out many inquisitions to get rid of women and their families … literally in the millions.

    Watch and learn (4 parts) … am I free in a so called democracy.

    There are number of sovereign cities or areas that extend from corrupt Egyptian priests to today. In order, they are: Moses and Israelites till Jerusalem, Mecca in Saudi Arabia, Merovingian Kings of southern France / Sion, Vatican / Roman Catholic Church, Inner City of London / Knights Templar / Anglican Church, Inner city of Moscow in Russia (Rus is one of lost tribes of Israel), Washington D.C. / Knights Templar & Freemasons. For more detailed info see

    Canada is a signatory to International Human Rights, yet it takes away those rights by saying, as long as it’s within statutory law. Translation: as long as they control you and your rights by their corrupt commerce law. Complain to United Nations … it works!

    Now you have choices as to which laws you want to operate in and who you want to be. For one to be free you either need to make a treaty with natives, as they still hold the title to land called Canada and United States, or claim homestead or settler rights. Siding with natives you become enemy of The Crown / Temple Bar / Knights Templar and to claim land as homesteader you get 1 / 4 section of land up to 4 per family. Settlers can start a settlement by specific rules … do your studies. Homesteaders and settlers are supposed to get everything they need for free for first 5 years in order to establish themselves and their operation for the rest of their lives. It’s a one time deal.

    Five miles each side of Grand River for its full length is native land. Lord Kitchener made a treaty with natives as did Lord Brant / Brantford. These need further study in archives for your protection. Due to influx of PPL from Toronto area KW is packed. Bio-WASTE is rampant since pharmaceuticals, petroleum and other chemicals are NOT fully cleaned out and can’t be by government filtration plants, same for most cities. See CBC, KW record,, rights groups, archives and other sources for details.

    Dan Malloy seems to be part of Malloy clan, as in John Malloy, a former ignorant of constituents MP?

    As far back as 1960’s people in KW area have been pushing for affordable housing and similar housing projects as yours. Don’t be fooled, ALL have been turned down or red taped due to government / industry control. Many who pushed have been harassed, beaten, arrested, permanently disabled, or pushed until they stopped or moved out of the area.

    HINTs: get as far away as possible from cities and past and present industry … because there is over 28,000 highly contaminated sites larger than 1 sq mile across this land. Do full scientific and pollution study of any land, water and air, including full resonance and frequency spectrums for a minimum of 2 years. If you claim rights to land make sure you do for mineral and air rights also. Be careful of city expansion, industry, big business and future development expansion for minimum of 30 years. Many farms are failing or being forced out by big business / government so they subsidize by selling or agreeing to sharing land … option to help or to buy anyone? If doing homestead or settlement you have the right to train and hire your own sheriff and deputies.

    Google earth and the likes is your friend, in satellite mode, once you figure out why certain areas are fuzzy or foggy, especially when satellites can and do take pictures clearly enough to read a garage sale sign. Satellites are taking HD pictures of whole earth 24/7. Lots of free land out there ready to be claimed back from Crown.

    There are loads of under the radar and off grid communities out there. Many are within smaller towns or rural areas. Many can’t be seen from above or you can walk right past them and never know it. Muskoka’s and above on the map is mostly empty land.

    Helpful real working IDEAS to clean up / restore planet:
    Geet by Pantone
    This works tech can power a house and up to a farm, and dispose of toxic waste while doing it. Almost anything, short of nuclear waste.

    Stanley Meyer’s water powered car: What comes out the exhaust pipe is pure clean water, also hydrating environment.

    Troy Reed – Surge tech magnetic motor:

    Compost heater / fuel generator: Have used about truck load to heat a 30 x 50 ft. cabin in Muskokas during many coldest of winters, fuel for cooking and lighting as well. Pile only covered by tarp. PVC pipes running into cabin for heat. One pipe from top center of pile for gas/fuel.
    Waterloo region dumps 18 Olympic-sized swimming pools of it monthly for price of 4.7 million to contractor.

    Hemp / cannabis / marijuana: has the unique properties to cure 95 % of what may ail you. It is the only plant that matches our gnome, and is said in ancient texts to correct mistakes in our genetic code. It can restore even deserts and has 1,000s of uses. Before oil industry outlawed it, it was the biggest industry and product on earth. Western farmers were FORCED to have at least 10% of their crop be hemp. Even today, women who work with hemp continually have the healthiest babies.

    A simple bi-metal plate with ground wire stuck in earth off one side and connection to capacitor on other side will charge capacitor 24/7 and forever, works idea from Nicola Tesla.

    Helical wind generators are much more efficient than propeller types: Little to no noise, not bird traps, oldest found in Iraq at 3,500 years and still working.

    As mentioned, permaculture is great, as 1 acre can feed a family of 4 for whole year, with spares to trade. Greenhouses are necessary for having all year and winter greens and may be used as heat supplement to home if/when designed properly. We live on a planet and in a universe where everything is free or nearly free and anything is possible with the right knowledge and wisdom.

  21. Dan Malloy

    I’m certainly not an expert in the field and I’m NOT qualified to offer advice…just opinion…but I wish to offer the suggestion that you seriously approach the local council and make a presentation about the benefits of small homes. Tons of resources on-line to help. Also we see developers as only interested in large projects but you might have success if you start contacting builders to see if they could build “Code” homes that are simply smaller. I’m thinking that there is a huge untapped market for builders (in small homes) but they just haven’t seen it yet as they are used to minimum square footage’s.

    When I grew up we had three generations in a post-war 800 square foot home but now we have been told that families need 2000 square feet or more to live in. I don’t get that…

    Just some thoughts…and good luck.


    • Anne Bell

      So very right Dan…we have become accustomed to MORE SPACE…and much of it wasted space and unnecessary space really. We grew up in a small apartment when we first arrived in Canada and I live now in a small two bedroom with my three grand daughters. Needless to say, I’m moving to give them more space..sigh..We have become a society of “more is better”.
      I was planning my tiny home when I found myself with three little girls in my care, and of course my plans changed. I am moving to a larger space to satisfy the mindsets of everyone else. The girls are very excited about tiny living, but unfortunately the child protective services and the family courts seem to think more space is appropriate and more space is better..double sigh..LOL..With that said, I have started the process of redesigning my tiny house to include two lofts and a small back bedroom for the three girls, and surprisingly enough, IT WASN’T THAT HARD..This is the age (12, 8, and 2) that little minds are like sponges, and I have such an opportunity to remold their thinking from what society “expects” and sees as normal living. Slowly we are seeing peoples mindsets changing to consider the footprint that is left from our “more is better” lifestyles. The middle girl gets so excited about all of us having our own tiny houses, as they get older, and living on a piece of land where all our porches can face each other for morning coffee…LOL…so wonderfully sweet. But what a great and wonderful thing if I could actually do that for them without all the red tape and run around I imagine I will face living in Ontario.
      There is something to be said for simple living environments. I have to admit that I do not consider myself an “activist”, but I have been much more outspoken lately about government controls and “bylaws” that make no sense for the citizens they are meant to serve. Someone dictating the amount of spare feet I must live in, just burns my butt…LOL
      Like you I was raised in a humble spare footage AND I TURNED OUT ALRIGHT! LOL

      • Anne,
        I think that we become activists when something unjust touches us deeply. I believe the lack of options for those who have less money is the thing that spurns us on.
        Poverty gives a feeling of being trapped, unable to escape, or to inch your way up out of it, or even ease the thing that is binding you. I know this feeling all too well. Despite all of that I did find a way out. But this experience stayed with me and haunted me and it is most certainly what made me who I am.
        Your responsibilities are heavy and I am fighting a good fight to open up the possibility of less expensive and sustainable housing not just for me, but also for you. I am wishing you the best in all of this.
        In sisterhood,

  22. Frank and Cristiana

    See whoever is going on Thursday at Queen Street Commons at 7 pm. We look forward to meeting Laura and anyone else going.

    Cristiana and Frank

    • I am very sorry Frank and Cristina, I am unable to be there.
      Please do let me know how the evening goes.

      • Frank and Cristiana

        Will do…..until next time!

  23. Sarah

    I am definitely interested! I also heard the Hamilton Tiny Home Meetup group is hosting a meeting in Kitchener on June 2nd at the Queen Street Commons at 7pm.

  24. Marko

    I used to own a house in Kitchener and currently own a condo in Cambridge. My wife and I would seriously consider selling what we have and building a tiny home if there were places available in the area to build.

  25. Nicole

    Could Tiny Houses be considered Garden Suites in Hamilton, ON and Grimsby, ON?


    “Temporary Use By-laws zone land or buildings for specific
    uses for a maximum period of three years at a time, with the
    possibility of extensions. For example, when the temporary
    use of a “garden suite” (a one-unit detached residential
    structure containing bathroom and kitchen facilities that is
    secondary to an existing structure and is designed to be
    portable) is authorized, the Temporary Use By-law may
    allow it to exist for a period not exceeding ten years, with
    more extensions possible”



    “Garden Suite: means a dwelling unit that is ancillary to an existing residential structure and that is
    designed to be portable….”
    “Except as otherwise specifically permitted in this By-law, the following uses
    are prohibited in any zone:
    The use of any mobile home trailer for human habitation, except as a
    garden suite or help house,”

  26. Denise Desnoyers

    I will be interested,and move to Kitchener,from Cornwall,but we like to know about fee for land,services.keep me in touch.

  27. I would love to be a part of this. I have the financial ability and I love the Kitchener-Waterloo area. I used to live there for 7 years. I’d love to see the development have a yoga and meditation hall, vegetable gardens, and lots of trees.

  28. Wendi

    I would love this. I have the financial ability and I love the Kitchener area. I would love to see a common yoga and meditation hall that all the residents could share.

  29. tamtoes

    What about Brantford and surrounding areas. My husband and I want to start a country community living type situation.

  30. Mimi

    I would be interested in finding out more about the Kitchener community. My training is in geography and I’ve done some policy planning work for Regional government. How does this group work? Is someone looking for land and would we purchase it together?

  31. sagelysweet

    So much yes!!! My husband and I have been wanting to move to a tiny house for some time. We are minimalists and would be over the moon if this happened!! We currently live in kitchener so this is really, really ideal. We would definitely want a garden area!

  32. shannah

    I’ve been looking at tiny house living for a while now and already live in this area. This would be a great opportunity.

  33. Anonymous

    I live in Kitchener and my foundation is 500 sq ft my taxes are 1,650 per year. I have a front yard that is 200 sq ft and a backyard that is 350 sqft. My taxes alone are 1,650 per year. and the condo fee is $318 which covers the exterior of the building, water, snow removal, and landscaping. There are 60 units on the parcel of land we are on. I pay averg $100/mth for heat and $70 hyrdro. You round out that math and it’s $625 just for services, @ 60 units = $37,500. That doesn’t include the financing for the house or the cost for the land that it sits on. Being in Kitchener there is no way that you could say: $3000 for the land plus $300 for a condo type fee per tiny house and build your own house for $10k-20k. .;. While I think the tiny house community is an awesome idea, I believe it will cost people much more than they think.

    • I am glad to get some figures out of Kitchener. What you are saying is that your house and land together have 1050 square feet of space and what I have suggested for individual space for each house is half this, so this should put the land tax for each half as well, which would be $825 a year. About $70 a month.
      As for your condo fees, they cover the exterior of your building, we will only have one community building that we share the cost of upkeep for, not 60 units. We will have snow and landscaping so I expect that the figure that I gave of $200-$300 a month to cover the monthly fee is ample.
      As for heat and hydro, most tiny housers produce what they need by using simple off grid systems so we don’t really need to be concerned about this. It would just be supplementary from the main house.
      As for the cost of land… I see that land is VERY expensive and I am sure that getting the land developed will not be cheap either. I am not sure where you got the figure of $3000, but if you do find some land there for that, please be sure to let me know, I will take a hundred parcels!
      Each individual would also have to buy/build or already own their own try house.
      I hope this clarifies any misunderstanding.
      kind regards,

    • Dan Malloy

      Here is the link I use to keep an eye on the market. I’m not a realtor just a home owner.



  34. Frank and Cristiana

    Hi Laura,

    Please count us in on this land venture in Kitchener. Just an FYI….we didn’t invest and get scammed for the Kingston land. We wanted to get involved but thought it was too far. We were pondering about communikindred and still are.

    However, if the price is right and the location be Kitchener or surrounding area, then it’s perfect for us as well.

    We were told about 500 sq ft and under and not having to pay for the property taxes on the dwelling/house. However, this said: we know that land taxes/fees still have to be paid. Sorry if I didn’t clarify this from the start. So I think that we too want to know: where do we go from here and when?
    We have a 2-4 year plan and would like to retire debt free and mortgage free. To live among others who are like minded and are willing to help each other prosper and succeed in a healthy and green type of life style.

    Please keep us posted,

    Frank and Cristiana

    • Hi Frank and Cristiana,
      I am glad that you were not scammed!
      I think Communikindred is a wonderful plan and I think that they are very close to fruition, so please don’t give up them for something that is not even in the early state of… well an early state of not even planning!
      As for what we do next… I am not sure. If you look down in the comments you will see that Joan has written to let us know that she is in a position to buy a large farm in the area and is quite interested in this because she also wants to live within a community of people who care about sustainable living and community. I would expect that Joan will be looking around and hopefully she will be in touch over the next days. I will send her an email if I have not heard back in a few days to see if she is still keen.
      Do take care,
      ❤ Laura

      • Hi Laura,

        Before pressing “post comment” on my lengthy response to you yesterday I thought it would be wise to do a real estate search as Dan suggested. Over the last few months I have casually kept an eye on real estate in southern Ontario and my search included rural Kitchener. I don’t recall the availability of farms and land being so limited and expensive in the Kitchener area. Dan, mentioned that there is tons of rural land within 30 minutes of downtown Kitchener. Dan, it seems you have to be a member of in order to pull up results. I have not been able to do a search that site yet.

        I will do a little more searching today. I did a cut and paste of my lengthy response to you from yesterday and am including it below. Even if it turns out that I put the cart before the horse in terms of considering Kitchener as a viable place to purchase rural property it is information and perhaps some food for thought and discussion. Last winter I did a sustainable building workshop. I learned that some counties are more open then others when it comes to interpretation of the Ontario building codes. If a tiny house community is not feasible in Kitchener perhaps there would be other areas in south Ontario that would be.

        Hi Laura,

        I love it that you are vegan and that you mention the distinction that animals are friends not food. On that note I am beginning with a comment on creating a tiny house community. The topic of animals being friends and not food is an important one for me. At the same time I am aware that there’s a multitude of preferences and differences of opinions that members in any given community will have things that are important to them. I have discussed community living with friends and acquaintances for the last few years and have also done a little reading about living in communities. I’ve concluded that it is not easy for North Americans who have been cultured to be free and to be individuals to suddenly come together and live in community. I speak for myself as well!

        Someone writing about community living pointed to the divorce rate in North America. His point being that if the divorce rate is so high between two individuals who know each other intimately and have committed to a life together so much greater is the challenge and potential for complications with each new individual that is added to the community. Albeit in a tiny house community people would be living in their own homes, there would still be a lot of sharing involved. This particular author concluded that only a small percentage of the population has the maturity and disposition to live successfully in community. He also concluded that it would be easier to create a community, modeled after a successful corporation. A community in which the members are in alignment with the company and are happy to be an employee because the company is successful, well run and is a pleasant place to work. They join the company because they are able to have a fairly independent career within the structure of the company without taking on the challenges and expenses of owning their company.

        It seems that the shifts happening on our planet are pointing the way for us to find ways to live more sustainably. Community living certainly makes sense on many levels. One of the great things that the people in this online community have in common is an interest in affordable and simple living. What a great place to start a community from!

        An upfront ownership of the land on which one puts a tiny house or rents to own seems like a good way to avoid needing to lease or pay rent indefinitely. Having said that I don’t consider myself a “developer”. I’m cut not cut out to sit in long meetings. I would need professional help to determine condominium structure, to work out fees for common needs, expenses, organize snow plowing…. As with all such projects it only can go as far as energy, enthusiasm and a budget allows. At the same time I like your idea to have everyone be an owner of their land just like in a condominium complex. It would be interesting to see if the city would grant approval for a rural condominium complex. If this were the case small pieces of land would need to be severed in order to create the option to own, rent or lease a tiny home and the land it sits on. As in a condominium complex I imagine they would also be buying or selling their part of the investment in the central shared building with laundry, a full kitchen and common room for community gatherings, a classroom and a guest room or two.

        Starting small with perhaps a few people and enough land to evolve a tiny house community in the future is about where my comfort zone and budget is at this time. It would be great to connect with someone who is thinking along the same line and is also in a very serious financial position to invest with me in a rural property as this could move things forward with more ease.

        Wonderful that Jill has something written saying that that the city is open to the idea of a tiny house community. Sounds like Jill is thinking of something more urban when she approached the city. Perhaps this would be more realistic in terms of the additional costs to commuting and the need for members to either own or share a vehicle?

        As for size, foundation or no foundation…. I like the idea of a mix as well. However, the city would have much to say in terms of meeting building codes. I imagine it would be much easier to get approval from the city if there was a pre-determined size and structure.

        Proposing something “unusual” to the city zoning and planning department can be a costly and a long and drawn out process. I recently had an offer on a property in Kingston that qualified for severance. Getting a severance is a bit of a catch 22 though because you have to purchase the property before you can apply for a severance. The city may give verbal approval for a severance but many bridges must be crossed before the approval becomes official. The city planner in charge of severances told me to plan on 2.5- 3 months to get official approval and to set aside $30,000.00 for things like: application to the city $2,000, Conservation Authority $500, Health Unit $5,000, surveys, legal fees, Cash in Lieu of Park Plan $1,200-1,300, a well… After discussing possibilities with the city for a couple of weeks and getting verbal pre-approval for a severance a home inspection uncovered too many hidden problems and the deal did not go through.

        I learned that it would most likely be simple, straight forward and inexpensive to get a severance on a piece of land compared to what would be involved in setting up a tiny house community. Indeed a developer may be what is needed to get a tiny house community off the ground unless the progressive city of Kitchener is interested and would support being the first tiny house community in Canada (I don’t know of any others?). I have not yet approached the city of Kingston with a tiny house community proposal. I was however impressed with their open response when I mentioned things like earth homes, and alternatives to the typical septic systems.

        As to where to go from here, I am at the stage where I’m ready to purchase an agricultural property in Southern Ontario. I would be interested in exploring further and approaching the city of Kitchener if:
        1. I found affordable land within 30 -40 minutes of Kitchener to invest in.
        2. A few people would be in the VERY SERIOUS and in a financial position to consider investing in a piece of land in rural Kitchener based on getting verbal approval for this from the city. This could be set with a lease to own a tiny home or providing your own tiny home.
        3. A few people with a good credit rating, would be in the position at this time to lease to own or to lease land in rural Kitchener.


  35. Dan Malloy

    Hi Laura:

    I would suggest Google Maps and check out the areas around Kitchener. Nothing is cheap but it may be in your range. And the website to check current listings is REALTOR.CA … not .COM. Oh, and Hamilton is really getting to be a great city. I’m sure it always was but it’s improving all the time.

    • Hi Dan, Yes, we like Hamilton a lot, but my allergies give me a lot of trouble here. We have a little house here, but our property values have doubled in our time here. This is incredibly fortunate for us, but not so awesome for people who are trying to get into the market. I would really like to be at Tiny House Ontario full time – but H loves his work and it is here, and of course there is the matter of not having enough money to keep us for more than a few months if he stopped working, so here we are.
      It honestly could be much worse… we have a pretty good life carved out for ourselves here.
      ❤ L

  36. Hello I my husband and I are very interested. We do not require a common building or storage space. Ideally, we just want a place to park a tiny house on a lot in Kitchener-Waterloo city limits. If such a place existed we’d start building our house tomorrow.

  37. lindenhuizinga

    I would be very very interested.

  38. Shelley

    My husband and I are Tiny House fanatics and definitely looking for a change. We are currently living in Guelph but willing to make the small move 😉 Keep me posted!!

  39. Hazel

    My husband and I are 65 and travel down south in a tiny travel trailer in the winter. We’d be interested in downsizing to a tiny house for our summer home base. Would seniors be welcome in a tiny house community?

    • Of course! A community that would not welcome seniors would not be a place that I would want to call home. I am 50 years old myself.


  40. Frank


    we were with the understanding that if you have a tiny house of 500 sq ft and under, that there would be no property taxes? We just want to get clarity on this issue. Also, $200.00-$300.00 seems a little steep to pay on a monthly basis, if you are also adding utilities on top of that.

    In looking back at the tiny house community that was being built in Kingston,they were asking for $3000.00 per lot for investment and then $50.00 per month per lot for such things as snow removal and upkeep and so on. We feel that lots should be bigger than 30 x 50 feet and able to accommodate a storage shed like you mentioned. We are more than happy with living in Kitchener, as we think this is ideal for us, since we already reside here. ,

    We are in our 50’s and have a 2-4 year plan, and with this in mind,we’ve been talking about a Tiny House Community for quite some time.

    We think that perhaps the person you may be interested in speaking with is Manfred. You will find him in Meetup and he is in charge of the communikindred community. He is a fantastic source of information and can likely point you in the right direction so that this can all be expedited sooner, rather than later.

    Please note: we are very interest in this, but the reality is that the dollars and cents all need to make sense to us, as we are planning for retirement.

    Thanks, Frank and Cristiana

    • Hi Frank and Cristiana,
      Let me first begin by saying that there is NO tiny house community in Kingston Ontario. The so called Smart Communities have been advertising on Kijiji for years and yet there is nothing there and there is likely never to be anything. I have had dozens of people tell me that they believe it is a scam and I have reposted this over and over. If you have given them money, I am sorry. I cannot use this group as a yardstick for anything because they are simply imaginary.

      As for under 500 square feet not having any taxes, who gave you this information? If you own land in Canada, even if there is nothing on it, you pay tax.
      This said, the figure that I have given is just a guess. I have based this on my experience of sitting on a condo board, and also on our current lot in Hamilton, where we have a 900 square foot home, This house has land taxes of about $2400 and it is about three times the size of the lot that I would suggest for a tiny home. Also, I know the importance of OVER estimation when one is thinking about these things. We must always do so because it is better to be able to refund people then to ask for more later.
      I am however, relieved that you mention Communikindred! This is a group that I have been keeping up with and I think they will come to fruition soon. They will have lower costs, of course, because they will not be in Southern Ontario where land and taxes are very high. I also do not think that they are incorporating a larger central building for the community in their plans and some of the money would be for upkeep on this. They are also further away from services such as the library, hospitals, theatres, galleries, grocery stores and so on. Personally, I like a little of both worlds. I like to be rural and isolated, but I also want to be right there in hum of culture sometimes both in one day. But there are lots of people who crave the life that Communikindred is offering! I am sure that they will succeed!

      • Laina

        Really? I just discovered that site the other day! So there isn’t any truth to it? Nothing in Kingston? That is very sad if in fact it is a hoax. 😞 I was so hoping we were on to something. Fingers crossed for something to transpire around the Chatham-Kent, Kingsville area.

      • There are three tiny houses in the Kingston area. THO as well as Guillaume and Matt’s places. Yes, Wayne the person who has posted the website, does not have a tiny house. My personal experience is that he is a creepy individual. I get several people writing to me privately to say that have a feeling that he is running a scam. I can’t help but think this too. I am very surprised that the police have not shut him down.

      • Anonymous

        Hi Laura, I have been very interested in building a tiny house on wheels for myself and have been looking around for a long time now. I have been looking at your site and all the while being part of Smart Communities in Kingston. We were a group of 15 individuals but due to lack of management , I believe the group is slowly dwindling down. I left the group and am know living in southern Ontario. No, the group was NOT a scam, and we were not a community yet. We found Kingston city very uncooperative and difficult to deal with. No one ever gave out money since we were waiting to be organized. And the figures given were just that , figures. Nothing written in stone. I’m still looking at my dream , but the only way I could do it is privately.
        yours truly

      • Dear Anonymous,
        I wish you had left a name. It is so much nicer to be able to say hello to someone that you have been hoping to hear from. It is good that one of you has finally contacted me. What I will write may not be easy for you to hear, but I will speak it anyway.

        I had personal dealings with Wayne here at Tiny House Ontario. To say that the man gave me the creeps is a huge understatement. I don’t suppose that he has let you know that I had to hire a detective to find out who was sending me creepy messages. While his threats were not physical in nature, he was insistent that I give him my address and when I would not he threatened that he would find me, hunt my down, search Google Earth looking for my location, ask around and so on. I repeatedly asked him to stop this, but he would not do so.

        This may not sound to scary to you, but if you were a woman who is living alone in the woods and some random unknown man from the internet who so happened to live geographically close to you, was hunting you, you would probably feel the same. The fact is: that HE is the single person that keeps me from being more public about my house. If it were not for him, I would allow interested parties to come to my home and look around, but it is my fear of Wayne knowing where I am that forces me to be private about my location. I am afraid of him.

        How all of these threats stopped was that I hired a detective so that I could inform the police if there continued to be problems and threats. Of course I keep records on all of this. This detective wrote to Wayne to let him know that they had discovered his identity and that if he (Wayne) did not stop contacting and threatening me, that the police would be called. Fortunately, he followed the advice of the detective and stopped all contact, but the next thing that he did was to start this so called “Smart Communities”. I did not find this to be a coincidence.

        Over these last many years, there are several other people who have written to me to tell me that they have had similar experiences to me, of course I keep all of this in my file because I found the man to be so threatening and wanted to protect myself and others. Frankly, if he is not a creep who has ill intentions, then he should not behave like one.

        That your group has a lack of management, I am sorry. To me, this is a no brainer. The man who you have chosen to follow has a long history of failure.
        Across Ontario and indeed the world, there are many people in many communities that have started Tiny House communities and advocacy groups. These groups have not posted a hundred and one ads on Kijiji asking for $3000, used photos of other people’s tiny houses without their permission and made a whole lot of promises that they cannot keep. Nor have these groups asked people to fill in papers giving a whole lot of personal information. NONE of this should have been done. All of these things point myself and others to beleive that there is an underlying deviance and frankly because of my own personal experience with your big giant head, I had very good reason to mistrust him, and I have heard many voices rise to me that show that others have that same feeling.

        Now that you know this, you can choose to believe me or not. Regardless, I strongly suggest that you, or another one of your group who is a natural leader consider starting a new group. We members of the tiny house community in Ontario are gaining ground. Literal ground. I think it would be a pity for my home town to be left behind, because you have – so to speak – put your money on the wrong horse.

        You are right about one thing. Nothing is written in stone. I hope that you will follow your dream. I also hope that the tiny house wannabee community in Kingston holds together and follows through. It would be wonderful to see a community there, it is my dream too! I want you to know that I am NOT against any of you (but Wayne) I am happy to be a member of the (real, physical) Kingston tiny house community and I hope one day you will join us. There are three of us now, that I know about, and we should be working together.

        Very kind regards to you and best of luck to all of you who are hopeful and pushing toward a future where we can live in sustainable housing. We should be able to do so without fear and as a community!


      • Hi Laura,

        This is very interesting to hear about the small tiny house community in Kingston. I responded to the Kitchener link earlier when I heard that the city was potentially open to a tiny house community. I said that I would consider moving to Kitchener and purchasing land for myself and my three horses and possibly to make space for a tiny home community. When I looked deeper into it I discovered that land close to Kitchener was cost prohibitive. I am continuing to search for land in the Kingston area. It would be great to connect with someone in the tiny house community in Kingston to discuss what has occurred so far in discussions with the city about tiny houses.



      • Dear Joan,
        I am mistrustful of the leader of the so called “Smart Communities” in Kingston. Please take the time to read the extensive answer I have given in the comments on this thread. The community there is in great need of a leader. Perhaps you will fill the void and become the voice for those who wish to have a community there.
        Wishing you the best and hoping that you will stay in touch!

      • H Laura,

        Thanks for your response. I did read your detailed comments you made about the situation in Kingston. At the moment most of my energy is going into searching for a property. To keep my costs down I am often looking at properties with potential to sever. Therefore lots of trips to the city planning department. I will continue reading your posts and will let you know if anything opens up that looks like potential for a tiny home community down the road.



  41. Hi Laura,

    In case you or anyone else may be interested in exploring a rural tiny house community I am adding some thoughts to what you wrote above. Kitchener/Waterloo is one of the of the areas I have considered moving to.

    My situation is that I have three adopted x-race horses. I have been boarding them for the last two years and am now looking to purchase a property in the country. Last year I took a training at Equinisity in Kamloops BC ( After the training I decided I would like to set up a facility where people could come as guests to receive the therapeutic benefits of spending time in nature with horses. I have since sold my triplex in Kingston and have been exploring properties and possibilities.

    Laura, in answer to your questions above, I am in a financial position to purchase a parcel of land zoned agricultural large enough to accommodate a barn, my horses and possibly a tiny house community. I would prefer to live in a community then to be in the country with the horses by myself. I resonate with your idea about each person being a part owner. If the city of Kitchener would allow some severances it would be great to sever some of the land specifically for a community of tiny houses set up as you describe above. I would be interested in exploring some of the scenarios below if there is a group of like minded people interested in living rural in Ktichener/Waterloo. My thought is that it would be easier to start small and to leave room for growth.

    My interests for the larger portion of agricultural land and would be to have a business as indicated above where people could come and spend time in nature and with the horses. It would be great to have some tiny houses on the either the land owned by me or as part of the community land for bed and breakfast accommodation and/or to accommodate guests of the tiny house community. I would also be interested in having a portion of the agricultural land become a food forest (permaculture style). Over time this could potentially support the fruit, nut and vegetable needs for the tiny entire tiny house community. On a personal note, I didn’t mention farm animals for food here because I would have a hard time parting with animals for the purpose of food. For dairy and eggs perhaps there would be someone interested in owning animals for life and caring for them as if part of the community family? Another possibly would be for someone in the community to own or lease a larger portion of agricultural land for a compatible business such as a owning or running the food forest, a market garden or running farm related workshops held in the barn such as build a bat or bird house, build and use a solar dehydrator, build and use a solar oven, create a hiking trail, feed a family on purely wild food, drying herbs and making herbal teas, plant identification…

    If some people are interested in living in a tiny house community rural to Kitchener and who answer yes to your 1-3 questions above I would be very interested in approaching the city of Kitchener with a proposal. Even if it is a small group of people initially as it actually might be easier to get the ball rolling with a small group of committed people.



    • I am relived that you would not want to house animals to kill. I am vegan and of course because of this, I think animals are friends, not food. Which is an important distinction.

      So the question is, where do we go from here?

      ❤ L

    • Dan Malloy

      Hi Joan:

      I’m not an urban planner but the City of Kitchener proper is a pretty urban area and land of that size might be prohibitively expensive. However…you may be able to find something within 30 minutes of downtown Kitchener. There is tons of rural land here just in case you are not familiar with the area. It is a progressive part of the world so definitely worth a look. I might suggest the realtor website REALTOR.COM to see what is currently listed.

  42. Laina Millson

    This is very exciting! My question would be define “tiny” are we talking houses with foundations? or on wheels? Just curious what the municipality considered as a tiny house. So any restrictions?

    • I would think that this would be up to the developer. I think a mix would be nice myself. What are your thoughts on this?

  43. Tracy Gibson

    I too am planning to build my Tiny Travelling home in the near future and would love a place in Ontario to still call home. Please keep me updated on further developments of this idea.

  44. iyok

    Do you have the information [letter and/or document] that indicates this possible plan? to share with other small housing groups across the country to push for change in other municipalities?

    • I have this yes, but I cannot share it. There was nothing official just a citizen’s note asking for them to be open to it and a letter back from them stating that they were open. Jill wrote to the municipality on her own. I suggest all citizens who are interested in a communities like this and having the building code opened up to allow tiny houses to be part of their municipality to put it in writing, copy Ted McMeekin (minister of housing) and the PM. It is the squeaky wheel that gets oiled and we have not been squeaky enough!

  45. Anonymous

    Fees for up keep will ruin your plan. Condo style fees allow abusive cost to ruin your investment.

    • Having lived in a condo myself as well as having been on the board, I understand your concerns.

      BUT… I don’t agree that this is a realistic concern for a tiny house development. The cost of condo fees are ALWAYS to do with upkeep of quickly slapped together buildings.

      In the case of a tiny house development, each individual would own their own house and therefore saving money for house repairs would not apply. This would be fully up to the individual home owners.
      Fees would only apply to cover the costs of upkeep on the common building and fences, plus insurance, snow removal, sewage, water, hydro, taxes and so on. There is absolutely no need for exorbitant fees.

      I would assume that the community would set taxes on such a development of about $700-1000/a year for every tiny house unit in such a development. Coverage of the tax would be the primary cost. I would think that fees of $200-$300 + utilities /month would easily cover the taxes as well those things I have mentioned above.

      One of the things that would be important is that every month the board should provide a full bank statement to each of the members of the community and the board should not be able to remove any funds without having three signatures on each cheque. This is good practice for any not for profit board because it helps to prevent fraud.
      ❤ L

  46. Dan Malloy

    Just to add a point of view as I live in the neighboring City of Cambridge…

    Kitchener is a fabulous progressive city to live in and with the new light rail transit things are happening fast. It is becoming a great place.

    Just sayin’…

    • Though I don’t live there, I also really like Kitchener. It was one of the cities that we seriously considered settling into. It was only that we found a great house here in Hamilton first that cinched us in. But I regret this for one reason – specifically air quality.
      Thank you for adding your voice!
      ❤ L

    • Tammy

      I’m from Kitchener and I would love to see this community come to KW and would give some serious thought about becoming a resident in the future!!

      • Thanks Tammy!

      • Kelly

        I agree with Tammy! Would love to see this happen! We certainly don’t need a lot to live! Less is more!

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