I think that everyone has heard “necessity is the mother of invention.”  It might just be true in all cases, but when I found the photo below, I was totally blown away by the ingenuity of the fellow who made this place into his home.  It looks humble but it may just have everything that a person needs to live comfortably.

Could you live here?  I think I could, but I am not sure that I would want to; it looks as though it may be a bit spider rich for me.

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3 thoughts on “Necessity

  1. I saw it and my mind went straight to spiders!

    I could certainly give it a shot.

    • Me too Paul!
      All I could think about is if times got this rough, would I be able to get my hands on a bunch of paintable caulking and several gallons of oil paint! I have a bit of a spider phobia which turns my vegan heart to stone… and the environmentalist in me, jumps right out of my body and I suddenly crave DDT. It is irrational, I know…
      xo L

  2. disabledcyclist

    Spiders,ants,wasps….LOL,that said,maybe not “live there” as in full time,but I certainly wouldn’t mind having it for a mtn biking getaway 😉

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