Wichtelhütten Ontario

A message came through via email yesterday.  Richard, a friend from Germany, was hoping to get a photo from Canada.  The photo is for some sort of a competition.  Although it is not clear exactly what it is about he needed an image from as far away geographically from Germany as possible and the photo has to have the word Wichtelhütte in it.

Wichtelhütte means gnome house or little people house.  The irony that I live (~half the year) in a Tiny House with a bunch of Gnomes placed in the surrounding forest was not lost on me.  How could I resist?

I enjoyed a wonderful Solstice at my Wichtelhütte, a Norse Yule with friends in Kingston, Christmas with my sister and her family in the countryside, and today a smooth trip back to Hamilton to have a further holiday celebration with family here.

My days are currently filled with fun stuff to do with people who hold great meaning to me, and lots of wonderful things to eat too.  Life is great!

No matter how you choose to spend the last days of December 2012 I hope that you have enjoyed days as wonderful as those I have shared with my loved ones.


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12 thoughts on “Wichtelhütte

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  2. Linda

    Thanx Laura, that sounds great You can reach me at the email address below – looking forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi Linda, I removed your email address before posting here as I don’t want to make it public – The thing is that you may have to remind me again now what it is when it is getting closer to a time where we can meet. Looking forward, Laura

  3. Sounded like you had a marvelous solstice season! And I love the photos of the gnomes with their gnome house.

    • Yes! Thank you Laura, it was wonderful! I attended a heathen circle with Norse Rite done by by friend Guillaume (who I have written about before). It was the first time seeing this done and it was beautiful! The ceremonial dress he wore is fantastic, hand made, embroidered and with symbols hidden in plain site.
      I commented on your post at Tiny House Listings but for some reason my comments there do not come up.
      When are you heading home? I know you are home sick for your mountain, as I am with my forest.

      • We just got back two days ago! It feels great to be back to Asheville. I miss this place a lot when I’m not here. It is the first place I’ve ever lived that really felt like home. Too bad it took until my late 30s to find it!

      • Oh! Great! I am glad that you are home! When will it be passable for you to get up the mountain to visit 120 – or will you have to wait until spring?

        I found at THO that it takes a good number of hours (6-8) to heat THO up when it is between -4 and -10… if you decide to swing up to visit 120 will you bring along a few extra heat sources (the gel fireplace heat worked good for me but you really have to keep your eye on it because of the very high flame). Really it takes me a full day with 3 or four heat sources going even though I have good windows and lots of insulation…

        You are doing well for a person of your age Laura! I am approaching 50 and I am still not really there in terms of THO or my personal goals.

        You know, you were right about working for THL, it is a wonderful job. Steven is absolutely mensch!

        xo L

  4. We had a wonderful Christmas, hope you did as well.

    • Oh great! Glad to hear! We also had a wonderful one. I am the proud Aunt of Violet who had her first Christmas. It was a very special year because of her arrival and the holidays were all extra nice so far.

      • Oh, congratulations. Having a new addition of a baby can make the holiday so much more magical.

      • Linda

        Hi Laura. I am planning on building a little house in the spring. My brother is worried about the snow load on the roof if I build with 2 x 4’s. Have you had any issues with that? I attended a Tumbleweed workshop in August, but they did not bring a tiny house with them. Would love to swing by yours?!

      • I built THO with 2×8’s for the roof. Snow load can be brutal up here. I think your brother may be right.
        We can set a date when the weather warms up. Okay? xo L

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