I am on a role, let me warn you.  A little something that you don’t know about me, until now perhaps… that I am a private ranter.  My friends, I think, can attest to this.  There are so many things that bug me.  They are: laziness, people who make the same mistakes over and over again without learning, rude behaviour, thieves, apathy, cruelty to animals, racists, sexists and so on and so on.   These are things that privately set me off.

Here though, at Tiny House Ontario, I really do try not to let this strongly opinionated part of my personality overwhelm you all.  I think there are enough negative things that people hear about in their day to day lives and this is not really the place.  You know, one thing that I really like about the tiny house movement is that largely it is filled with optimism and it offers light at the end of the tunnel for a lot of people.  I think this is why it is so appealing to so many people.

Fortunately for me, this is what I really love to concentrate on too.  If you have read my blog before then you will have a very clear idea as to what really interests me.  For those of you who are just now joining me, the topics you can expect to see on my blog are: easy and inexpensive environmentally conscious projects, off grid ideas, the beauty of nature, art, music, links to history, stories of hope-change-interest, interesting people who are leaders to our movement, building codes, where to build and live in a tiny house in Canada, all things tiny house and of course Tiny House Ontario.   Recently, too I have also discussed my health… which is not a topic that I enjoy writing about, but which I do in order to keep those in the know, up to date on my progress in this department.

Today, again… two days in a row… there is another issue that I have to discuss.  I take on this topic at the risk of alienating people.  It is not just a very sensitive subject.  I want you to understand that my annoyance with this should not be mistaken for a terrible apathy about those who are really in need.  Nor should people who have genuine interest and in going tiny think this applies to them, in fact I was one of those people once. What I mean to target really is the laziness of the Want-Wants – who want your money for doing nothing.

The Want-Wants in terms of the tiny house movement are a breed of people who are relatively new to this movement.  They are people who have just learned about the movement and who see the light and want what we have without doing one single bit of work to get there.  They simply make a page asking for funding and then post requests on every tiny house Facebook page that they are able to Google.  This is the extent of the work they do.

Sometimes the pages of these Want-Wants have hard luck stories, sometimes not.  Sometimes they have well written requests, sometimes not.  Sometimes they are even fraudsters who post a wonderful “tiny house community” idea and try to get people to join for a fee… BUT…  Those who actually do know about bylaws, zoning and building codes, and struggle to get tiny houses legitimized, know that this is something that they will never have researched and will never be able to be seen to fruition because they don’t have the money or connections that it takes to lobby for change.  No matter, the shape that these people take, they have one thing in common.  They all want-want-want-want you, to give them your money.

I feel now is a good time to qualify, that I DO NOT include legitimate tiny house funding proposals as Want-Wants.  Lots of requests for funding are great and I while I don’t have a lot of money (not even enough to complete my own house), I have donated to many of these fund raisers myself.  As a matter of fact, there is a small one called The Hovel (on my Facebook page) that I just donated to.  Other great and legitimate funding requests that I remember off the top of my head, came when a tiny house that was nearly built burned down.  Another was a little girl who was building with her dad and he was suddenly killed in an accident.  Another came from a girl named Jessica who researched for a long time, saved 5K towards her dream and was looking for and got matching funding.  There are a lot of great and worthwhile tiny house funding projects and I certainly do not want to include these in my very pointed annoyance toward the Want-Wants of the world.

Who I mean to include in this are people who hear about tiny houses, want-want-want-want a tiny house and do NOT A LICK of work.  No research, no planning, no clear idea of how they can live in a tiny house, no idea where they will live in the house if if becomes a reality and certainly no started project or even a 2×4 in place.  Who I mean are those who simply post a request for money because they want-want-want-want what we have.

The thing is that as a relatively well known tiny houser, I get quite some number of requests about this.  The Want-Wants post to my wall and write to me privately.  Also my readers often ask about them including not just those who are asking for funding on sites specifically designed for this, but also about ones that are on their own website that look “legitimate”.  The question is, do they really deserve your money just because they want it?   So, I  decided instead of replying to each of these individually, I would instead explain the Want-Wants, post this link back to them, and hope that they understand what it is, exactly that I am driving at.

Which is, to the Want-Wants: we grow tired of people who don’t do a thing for themselves, asking for hand outs.

And for those of you who are donating, please beware the Want-Wants!

Can we fund everyone who does not do a thing for themselves?

Can we fund everyone who does not do a thing for themselves?

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7 thoughts on “Want-Wants

  1. I want to earn my money honestly and more important, I want to manage it wisely. I want to support jobs and manufacturing in my region. I want to help my cousin who is a decorated veteran with a bad back and can’t get disability so he works out of his van and takes a loss everyday. I want to be able to take care of my wife and our home. I want the want-wants to get a clue: stop taking hand outs and get your hands on some tools and a trade! Yur bringin this country down and our backs are gettin sore carrying you! ok rant over.

  2. Eileen McCathie

    Very well written Laura ! Thank you for all your ramblings….it is who you are and what you think and I thoroughly enjoy your honesty on such things. One day very soon I hope and pray to join the tiny house movement…and I hope to continue learning from you until then. Keep on posting…and i’ll keep on reading >smiles< xo Eileen

  3. Good post thank you

    • Hi Wild! Sorry I have not seen you this year. I got sick not too long after we last saw one another and I have been remiss in staying in contact. I think of you when I have been by that big flag on the highway. Hoping all is well with you.
      Sending love,

  4. My husband and I are in our late sixties/early seventies and did a lot of work around our tiny 108 square foot off grid cabin this year. We had to be careful about sun stroke but our back aches actually improved with all the physical work. Nothing is more satisfying than “doing it yourself” especially if you do it with recycled free materials. Folks should spend a few months planning and then get going – it is amazing how things just fall into place. If you make a mistake – so what – it is not the end of the world – you have learned something and you can either correct the mistake or (as we often do) learn to live with it. Thanks for all you do, Laura. Some of your posts have really inspired us.

  5. Felicia Sullivan


    Alas, my family is too large at the moment, younger kids are still in school, older kids are in college and need to live at home in our absolutely beautiful neighborhood, that is accessible to all of their various daily destinations. I have to sit tight for the moment until they are well on their way to their own lives (a few more years), and then I will have all of that. In the meantime I research, learn, draw plans, look for land, save my pennies….

    But I would never, ever, in a million years ask someone to fund it for me.

    • You are the same as me. Though I have to admit that this summer when I was too sick to install my stove, I very nearly posted a fund-me account. Then I thought better of it. There are certainly people who are in more need than I am. We have enough to eat and a cover over our heads… the fact is that Tiny House Ontario will wait for another year.
      Thank you for your thoughtful response.

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