Owning Black Friday

Here is an idea…


If you have to buy:

Today, I am not shopping, but I am going to also take some advice from Johnny Cash… I am going to dress in black, in my case to mourn all the wasted resources that the planet gave up because of this crazy consumerism!


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11 thoughts on “Owning Black Friday

  1. Here, Here Dear Friend…

    Such a waste and for what?????
    So many injured and some were killed too, it is such a bloody hype over nothing!

    PS, I think I may share some of this to my FB account…

  2. Whole-heartily agreed!

  3. Black Friday is officially coming to an end here in a couple of hours. I bought nothing, except a little gas for my car to get home tonight. Majority of my shopping is completed. The grand kids are mostly getting craft supplies to work on through the winter months and a few games to be shared with the family. Then each child is receiving a book, and a hand made scarf each. That’s it… things they will use.

    • It sounds like you should have been born to my family! The matriarchal side are all like us, frugal and not too impressed with the culture of stuff! Your gifts sound PERFECT!

  4. disabledcyclist

    Ewww…snow,ugh πŸ˜› No,still decent here,went on a bike-shop-group-road-ride of 30 miles yesterday morning before heading to family’s home 2 hours away. Here’s a link to my local forcast,not bad it seems,even with the temp drops starting today (mid 40’s outside as I speak)….


    Half of Jamie’s (my daughter) is bought and hid already, the other half we have to wait until the day we want it activated (she wanted to take her phone from a pay-per-go to unlimited talk and text). Mama’s? Bought and hid so well in the shed she’ll never find it πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜› Mine is always the last I buy, but I always buy my own cause she says I’m too hard to buy for. LOL! Yes, either bike stuff, video games or model kits, but there’s so much to choose from in each catagory she stresses, it’s easier on her that way (now you and I both know, I would be happy with what ever she bought, but she does stress. LOL!).

    Y’all try and stay warm in the white stuff, and keep it up there, LOL, except for 12-23 through 12-26, then take it back πŸ˜›

    • Hi DC
      The snow we had was really minimal but it is cold now. I went out today in spite of it, to see the film Lincoln. Impressive! Both the man and the film!
      One more weekend day to fill with something fun… hopefully!
      Speak soon,

      • disabledcyclist

        I’ll wait until it comes out to rent/buy,but definately want to see it πŸ™‚ Have fun on that day πŸ˜€

  5. disabledcyclist

    LOL. I always avoid Black Friday like the plague. I did head out to Hobbytown USA though, loving math as I do (and a reader of fine print on coupons), I went in and loop holed my way into $150+ worth of swag (not counting tax) for under 30 bucks, teeheehee! Nick’s Christmas (and mine) is done πŸ˜€

    The DC

    • Hi DC!
      It sounds to me like you did reasonable Christmas shopping for $30 for two people. Great job!
      Now you have a daughter and wife still on the list! Hope you make out as well there.
      I already got my son’s gift too. I bought him a few items he needs – pairs of work socks, and white undershirts for his work as a security guard. Plus a little stocking stuffer which I won’t mention here because he still doesn’t know about it!
      Are you still able to get out on your bike there, or has the weather turned? We are looking at snow for tonight here in Ontar-iar-iar-E-O… brrrr!
      Enjoy the day and the weekend too, stay warm if it is cold down around your home too!

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