This Morning

This morning when I woke at Tiny House Ontario, it was not the forest, but the phone that greeted me.  A call about my computer and then another call to meet my cousin Sandy at the family graveyard.  I had never been there before, because no one seemed to know how to find it, but he had been brought there by my Great Uncle George when he was young and remembered vaguely.  We met there this morning about about 9:00 am.

I won’t share where it is unless you are family and want to know, but I will share that it is a bit of an odyssey to get there.  When we arrived there was just one stone visible and a little marker that says J McC.  Sandy remembered that there were more and had a trowel so we checked under the moss and found that there were a number of bits.  Here is what we found of our ancestors headstones as well as the ruins from the original house, well, barns, outbuildings.

The thread of belonging for this is:  The McConnell’s married into the Hendersons who married into the Comptons, who married into the Rickards, who married into the Morelands.  The former farm is on a Kingston escarpment where the water runs sulfur.

I think that these folks are my great, great, great grandparents – but am not 100% sure, Sandy will look at his notes.  It will be cool to get them up on because they will not exist there having been buried for the last 40 years or so.

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4 thoughts on “This Morning

  1. Heather Wilson

    I know this is old but I’ve been checking out cemeterys this year with a gf and found this place. Drove there and its completely over grown I attempted to enter the abyss of weeds. When I did I found the building still standing with the water pump still inside. The foundation of the other building still exists also(the stairs are cool) wasn’t able to notice and grave stones tho. Please respond if you read this!

    • Hi Heather, I am sorry you could not find them. They are a little hard too find – within a small area that is surrounded by cedar trees. This is to the left, just after the Y in the road. If you look on Google Maps, you can see the square easier than when you are there actually.
      Kind regards,

  2. Velda

    I went to school with a Lisa, bet she’s family, she’s from those parts. If you need help thru ancestry, I have a paid subscription and I’m happy to help. I’m not family, but you know my fascination with graveyards, I’d love to know where it is if you are willing to share. Is it strictly a family graveyard? Those are very rare to find these days…

  3. Wow. Very cool to step back in time like that. I love the photos; all of them. You found a lot of interesting things. I really liked the stairs (fourth picture down on the left). I’m not even sure why. And I think the photo of the tube with the branch across it and all the sticks inside was very cool. I felt like I was there with you.

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