This year I am going to participate in NaNoWriMo.  This event will give me the opportunity to write a novel, albeit a rushed and disorganized one, in a month.  If you have every dreamed of writing a novel of your own, today is the day to begin this!  Quick, sign up before you change your mind!  Join your local group of aspiring writers!  Meet interesting people!  Let the writing begin!

I am sharing this with you here at THO not just so that you have an opportunity to join the “fun” but so that you have a heads up.  My posts are likely to be short but hopefully sweet this month.

Wish me luck!  xo L

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I had no idea that SO MANY writers do their work in Tiny Houses!  I find that writing at THO goes well, I suppose it is connected to the lack of distraction but I also think that there is a safe coziness that contributes to my ability to release what I want to say.

I have to say that I am most surprised by Virginia Woolf’s Tiny House.  How nice that she finally did get not just a room of her own but a whole Tiny House!

Do you recognize any of these or know of any more?  Each photo is labelled by the writer who used or uses it.

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Fall Writers

Fall is clearly starting to settle in at THO.   I arrived there yesterday with my luggage, and left again immediately to go back to Kingston.  The weather is getting cold enough that I have kept the windows closed added an additional blanket to the bed and switched my thin linen pajamas for my flannel ones.  This said, I am not really at the tiny house heating it up with my own body temperature.  You see I am attending the Kingston Writer’s Fest.  I have seen Michael Ondaatje, Dionne Brand, Teju Cole, Andrew Westoll, Marina Nemat speak so far.

I had never heard of Teju Cole but I am happy that I now have.  He puts words together with absolute poetic and wondrous purpose.  Last night, I was so taken with the man’s presence and his writing that I purchased his book; I read about half of it before my eyes gave out after a long trip on the train, food, speakers, excitement and the chill at THO – it was a wonder I read at all.  His words are just so good.

This morning, when I woke, I drove back into town, on the way in I saw an immature turkey vulture on the power lines.  The creature allowed me to take a few photos before it lifted its wings with irritation and lifted off.

Now, I must get back to see the others who use words, speak about them.

This afternoon I will see other writers as well.

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The Disappearing House

One thing is for sure, I am always writing about the forest at the THO blog.  Too, there are a lot of tree photos posted.  Still, when I take photos of THO, I always try to find the clearest image of the Tiny House and I post these.  Seeing this image which Colleen Murphy took, makes me realize that I have not done a very good job of explaining why the woods are so significant in my day to day life.

I think until you see this image, you might not have realized how totally integrated into these woods THO is.

Really, THO is just a tiny dot built into a tiny clearing.  Indeed, two weeks ago when I had the car, I picked up my neighbour and during the drive she told me there is a clearing because lightning struck there a few years ago.   Where this small fire cleared things is just where I built the house.  Lets hope lightning never strikes the same place twice.

There is only one more clearing in this forest.  It was created because there was a really massive maple there and she was dead, thus I had her cut so I could use the place that she had been holding for herself for hundreds of years.  This maple’s clearing is where my driveway ends, where stone is now dumped, and where both my solar panels and my garden sit.  I am thankful she made it and kept it so well.

The thing is, that if I did not have a driveway, then THO would just melt back into the forest.  She would disappear in the shadows.  And while the structure is strong and built to last, I am sure that without a driveway the forest would moss over THO and turn her into a hollow tree.

Without a driveway, I am convinced that THO would exist only virtually here in the readers dream.  She would simply be an electronic fairy tale.

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Back Home

Another confession:

I frequently make up stupid songs based on people’s music and sing them to the poor unfortunate people who are with me.    GILLY GILLY OSSENFEFFER KATZENELLEN BOGEN BY THE SEA (Al Hoffman / Dick Manning) is my most recent victim… I posted the Beatles version of this some time ago and learned the tune and melody.  After I learn a song then I plagiarize, pilfer, twist them depending on what is going on.

Here is this morning’s THO version based on my being on my way back home soon….

There’s a Tiny House,

in the Tiny Woods

Where a Tiny Girl

Filled a Tiny Dream

Now the house sits still

waiting there for me

It is Tiny House Ontario

Chocolate shed in forest

loved by me-e-e-e-e…

OK… so now you know, I am not much of a song writer but if you know the tune, as I do, it is kind of funny.


Well, my dogs think it is funny.  They told me so with their eyes.  They had to do it this way, because of course dogs hardly ever laugh out loud.  At least mine don’t.  Do yours?

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