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NaNoWriMo and The Little Bad Wolf

NaNoWriMo is going well.  I am, happily, ahead of schedule of the 1,667 word per day count.  This morning I knew I could not get right down to writing because Rudigrrr Wolf had to go the the vet to have his follow up blood test for Lyme disease.

When he was found, after being abandoned with two other little ones in the woods, the poor little fellow had ticks.  The first test came back negative but 6 months later the disease showed up in his screening.  My poor Bad Little Wolf was treated, but you have to wait 6 months until you do the next test to see if the blood comes back clean.  While he was there he also got his rabies booster shot and because he is so small these vaccines are quite hard on him.  He has been sleeping beside me all day.  Poor little Toot!

I will let you know, Monday or Tuesday when the test results come back if the THO’s Tiny Wolf is clear.

Isn’t he just too gosh darn cute?

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This year I am going to participate in NaNoWriMo.  This event will give me the opportunity to write a novel, albeit a rushed and disorganized one, in a month.  If you have every dreamed of writing a novel of your own, today is the day to begin this!  Quick, sign up before you change your mind!  Join your local group of aspiring writers!  Meet interesting people!  Let the writing begin!

I am sharing this with you here at THO not just so that you have an opportunity to join the “fun” but so that you have a heads up.  My posts are likely to be short but hopefully sweet this month.

Wish me luck!  xo L

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