Materials and framing

By late May
I had been planning out my Tiny House all winter, so I was feeling pretty prepared with what I wanted to do in the spring.  At least, I had the visual idea for the house, but not really knowing much about framing a house, I brought the pictures I

had drawn with the measurements with me.  First, I brought my plan to Gananoque Home Hardware; Rob who works there, looked at the plan, helped me pick out the windows and doors and had $4872 worth of material delivered.  Rob was very skilled at putting the materials together;  I was very few pieces off!

Woodchuck’s brother-in-law Leo, was hired to get the tiny house up and I worked along with him.  Well, actually, he worked and knows what he is doing.  I got in the way, learned a lot and got in the way even more.  Leo is a brilliant guy and very patient too.  He is also pretty easy on the eyes, so being out in the woods with him for a few weeks was not all together an unpleasant experience…

*** photos by Liisa.  Thank you!

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