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Another confession:

I frequently make up stupid songs based on people’s music and sing them to the poor unfortunate people who are with me.    GILLY GILLY OSSENFEFFER KATZENELLEN BOGEN BY THE SEA (Al Hoffman / Dick Manning) is my most recent victim… I posted the Beatles version of this some time ago and learned the tune and melody.  After I learn a song then I plagiarize, pilfer, twist them depending on what is going on.

Here is this morning’s THO version based on my being on my way back home soon….

There’s a Tiny House,

in the Tiny Woods

Where a Tiny Girl

Filled a Tiny Dream

Now the house sits still

waiting there for me

It is Tiny House Ontario

Chocolate shed in forest

loved by me-e-e-e-e…

OK… so now you know, I am not much of a song writer but if you know the tune, as I do, it is kind of funny.


Well, my dogs think it is funny.  They told me so with their eyes.  They had to do it this way, because of course dogs hardly ever laugh out loud.  At least mine don’t.  Do yours?

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