The Last Hoorah!

The weather here is wonderful now. Just at the edge of cold and bursting with greens that edge over into golds and reds. The wild purple asters are fully in bloom and golden rod too.

At night there is a critter who is climbing up on the roof and running around.  S/he wakes me up with the patter of heavy, but little feet.  I suspect it is a porcupine, because I have found quills around many times.

I will close up the cloth porch this Thanksgiving weekend and head back to the city on Tuesday and thus, I will miss the big fall show here in the forest unless we get a cold snap before then.

I will miss the woods, the life, and the air.  But this corner of the planet sustains me, simply by existing even when I cannot be here.


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4 thoughts on “The Last Hoorah!

  1. Why leave?

    • I know… it is always hard – every year… Still, my husband has to be at the other side of Ontario for work and in the summer he comes to me and in the winter I go to him.

      ❤ L

  2. Barb

    Porcupines love to naw on certain wood. Be sure to check you roof carefully before leaving. My porcupines ate my wood siding to get at the OSB/ strand board underneath. Many plywood products use resin or glue, and it is desired by the Porcupines.
    I use moth balls out around the cabin, and seems to keep them at bay.

    • Hi Barb!
      No worries for me! The whole place is wrapped in steel.

      The only trouble is that I have to keep the dogs on a leash when they are out because our critter is clearly around the house. I sure don’t want them to get close… just as much for me as them. ❤

      ❤ L

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