Fall Writers

Fall is clearly starting to settle in at THO.   I arrived there yesterday with my luggage, and left again immediately to go back to Kingston.  The weather is getting cold enough that I have kept the windows closed added an additional blanket to the bed and switched my thin linen pajamas for my flannel ones.  This said, I am not really at the tiny house heating it up with my own body temperature.  You see I am attending the Kingston Writer’s Fest.  I have seen Michael Ondaatje, Dionne Brand, Teju Cole, Andrew Westoll, Marina Nemat speak so far.

I had never heard of Teju Cole but I am happy that I now have.  He puts words together with absolute poetic and wondrous purpose.  Last night, I was so taken with the man’s presence and his writing that I purchased his book; I read about half of it before my eyes gave out after a long trip on the train, food, speakers, excitement and the chill at THO – it was a wonder I read at all.  His words are just so good.

This morning, when I woke, I drove back into town, on the way in I saw an immature turkey vulture on the power lines.  The creature allowed me to take a few photos before it lifted its wings with irritation and lifted off.

Now, I must get back to see the others who use words, speak about them.

This afternoon I will see other writers as well.

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