This year I am going to participate in NaNoWriMo.  This event will give me the opportunity to write a novel, albeit a rushed and disorganized one, in a month.  If you have every dreamed of writing a novel of your own, today is the day to begin this!  Quick, sign up before you change your mind!  Join your local group of aspiring writers!  Meet interesting people!  Let the writing begin!

I am sharing this with you here at THO not just so that you have an opportunity to join the “fun” but so that you have a heads up.  My posts are likely to be short but hopefully sweet this month.

Wish me luck!  xo L

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3 thoughts on “November

  1. Kitina

    Good luck Laura. I have a childhood friend thats going to write her 4th novel during Nano. I’ll miss your posts but and will be waiting with excitement and encouraging thoughts going your way. 🙂

  2. rnhaas

    Me too, me too!

    • YEAH! We miss you here Riley! You left a mighty big hole in the Hamilton writing scene when you abandoned us for Toronto (written while I made a whining voice inside my head). I hope you have success in Nano this year.

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