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Everywhere I look right now in my small house there are tomatoes… green ones.  Thankfully, my friend Marilyn is going to take some off my hands because she likes fried green tomatoes.  I made a baked variety with coconut milk and gluten free crumbs which were pretty yummy, so I thought the 300 green cherry tomatoes would work similarly.   I roasted them too but they seem to have too much solanine in them because they don’t taste good at all.  What a waste!   Even too bitter to be enjoyable after I ground them up, put onions and curry and more coconut milk in… sigh.

I kept a few in varying degrees of redness out and put some bananas near them to keep them ripening.  The others which were ripe or ripening I am stewing as I write.

As for the other quarter bushel of green tomatoes?  I don’t like chutney, or relish… I have no good ideas.


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