Chris Magwood

I want to be sure that you all don’t miss the story that I wrote for Tiny House Listings regarding the ecological tiny house building program in Peterborough.

Too, they have in the last couple of days announced a number of the new programs for 2015.

We are so very fortunate to have such a great program in Ontario!  I hope a few of you will be there this year.  Let me now what you think.

Photo: Courtesy of Chris Magwood

Photo: Courtesy of Chris Magwood


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One thought on “Chris Magwood

  1. Just discovered this site! ….been so busy planning our own scenario for years, i barely considered the hundredth monkey effect … with so many kindred spirits engaged to this point .
    It’s our 3rd yr. towards land acquisition , and we’re about halfway there….all the while gathering facts/experience towards sustainable alternative ecommunity/village.
    I’ve done the tiny house on wheels course, and being a builder also, plan to incorporate these in our intended village…along with wofati’s,geothermal annual gain, yurts, etc.
    Private domains on large co-owned commons.
    We’ve long identified a large viable, unorg. parcel, and are open to more members by this spring/summer….so, an upper limit of members by then.
    Between huntsville and north bay, we are intending : ,for more details.

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