Stones, Slope and Fabulous Farmers

We got a little rain this morning so the stone dust got packed in a little bit better.  This allowed us to add another layer of stone dust to it.  The neighbour kids stopped by and wanted to help so I suggested that they stamp the stones in.  They happily stomped away.  Thanks kids!

The stone is at about the height that want it now, so I think I need to add a little more to it still because it will compress more over the winter.  It is just about level so I am thinking that I have to add a small slope away from the building in order to keep the water away.  I am not sure how to do this as entire property slopes toward the other side of the house so the natural way is for it to go toward this side of the house.  I have to think about this, but I think that I will have to slope it to the East.  Also, I am accepting any advice you might have on the subject.

After working at this for a couple of hours I went with the kids over to a wonderful organic farm in Inverary, Ontario.  We were reminded that the drought is not just something that effects farmers, it effects eaters.  How true.

Her garden looks about a million times better than mine.  She is producing all sorts of food for a CSA as well as baking bread and producing eggs for these baskets.  Plus the animals… they all need care and attention at all times.  Then the crops and the … it really never ends on a bio-diverse organic farm.  The entire family seems only willing to stop for in order to have a short food break and then they are back to work.

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