Did You Hear Me Squeal From There?

OK… you already know that I am irrationally afraid of giant spiders.  It is embarrassing how many things I am afraid of because I am from a farm and should be desensitized.  I also never got used to eating meat, so I guess my family did a pretty good job of NOT desensitizing me to stuff.

Now you know the truth about me.  I am a bleeding-heart sissy!

Another one of my (many) phobias is giant garden slugs.  THIS was on my compost bucket when I went to pick it up.  Now you know what that noise was.  Actually, I did not really scream, but I did make the face from the Edvard Munch painting and the sky did turn colour.  OK, not really, that last part was just how I felt.  They are so slimy that I also wanted to throw up.


Yes, unfortunately.

Similar ones were all over Germany and Switzerland when I lived there, so I learned to always look before I touched and also not to step anywhere without having my eyes on the ground.  In Ontario these don’t actually exist.  They are invasive species that have been accidentally introduced from Europe.  I guess, now that they are here, I will have to keep my eyes on the ground again.

If you like this sort of thing, you can look it up.

If I was not so scared and grossed out by it, I might have murdered it.  It is an invasive species and much the same as purple loosestrife and trees of heaven they are not supposed to be here.  I just can’t do it.  Hopefully it does not carry away one of my dogs.

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2 thoughts on “Did You Hear Me Squeal From There?

  1. You should have seen the ones in British Columbia! Giant Yellow Slugs. Quite inpressive…

  2. Teleia

    LOL! I liked the last line about it carrying off your dogs.

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