Another Illegal Tiny House

Jay Austin’s Illegal Tiny House is, a new 10 minute video which is very much worth the watch.

I am sure you will all agree.






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12 thoughts on “Another Illegal Tiny House

  1. Just discovered this complementary site which has the pivotal legislative document re zoning changes…mostly referring to “municipalities” and little re “unorganized” regions which is my personal priority interest.

    If anyone can eke out more clarity from these official criteria, i’d love to read about it.

  2. Jeff Fraser

    Thanks Laura,
    I will try posting a ad on Kijiji as suggested and see what happens.
    Ontario needs to get in gear with their bylaws.

    • Oh yes they do… sadly though it is not Ontario it is ALL municipal. This makes if harder because what goes for one area does not go for the other.

  3. Laur

    I’m very interested in this concept, where are these units legal in Ontario? Any guidance would be much appreciated!

  4. Love this blog! Happy to have found you. I’m new here, could you point me to any information about Ontario tiny house zoning laws, problems?

  5. Adrian Zamora

    Here in Ontario is just not posible 😦 we have to do something about it.

    • It is not impossible! I am doing it and so too are others. There are locations now where living in a tiny house is totally 100% legal in Ontario. You clearly need to do more homework and you can start by reading my blog.
      Kind regards,

      • Jeff Fraser

        Hello Laura,

        Would you be able to tell me if there are any “Legal” locations in the London and close to London Ontario?
        I have spoken to a few Camp site, RV parks, Trailer parks and Senior Retirement parks and all say “NO” to the tiny homes.
        I have even spoke to a builder who say it very difficult and his only suggestion was leasing or renting a farmers wooded lot, but even this would be illegal and under the radar he says.
        Can you help me at all in seeing are rye of light in this dilemma?

        Thanks so much,


      • Hi Jeff, I don’t know off the top of my head, but I am going to post this question on FB so that I can see what others have to say about it. In the interim I would for sure post that you are seeking a place to go on Kijiji. If, for example you were on some farm land, I don’t think it is illegal. Farmers are allowed to park things on land – PROVIDING that the house and barn are on the same section of land. A “migrant worker” house or the trailer of a friend should not be a problem… though – technically, living there may be.
        Keep your eyes on the Facebook post please and keep me posted.
        ❤ L

  6. Great video, Laura. How I wish the zoning laws were relaxed here i would be living in my own small home.

  7. E. V.

    …So…, looks like we will deal mostly not with legalisation of TH, but with “how to get around bans” and to continue full time living as peacefully as possible… Pity!

    • I would say we are working on both. I think that the idea is gaining ground and more municipalities are joining in. Since 2011 when I started planning my house, there is a lot more acceptance. We all just need to keep plugging away at it and educating those who make the rules.

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