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Time Warp

Over the winter one of the new cupboard doors warped just enough that the magnet can’t catch it.  I borrowed a clamp from my cousin Vernie and attached the clamp (below) before I left for Hamilton.  I am hoping that the door straightens out.  I have not put a finish on the cupboards yet, because they are not all built yet.  This is probably why it warped.  I am sure once they have some teak oil on them that they should remain warp free.  At least I hope so.  Clamped cupboard

I came back to Hamilton for two reasons.  The first being that we have tickets to see Leonard Cohen at the Copp’s Coliseum on the 9th.  Plus, I had to buy a car and Hamilton is a large city with a better selection of second hand vehicles.

I am 47 years old and this is my first car.  The reason I need a car is because I will be bringing my artwork to the Kingston Springer Market all summer and it won’t fit in Baby, my 2006 Honda Vino motorbike’s, trunk.  Certainly I can’t carry a table, chair and banner on her either.  The car is old.  Granted, not quite as old as me.  It is a 14 year old VW Golf; which in car years makes her practically a classic.  It has pretty low milage and it is in reasonable shape for its age.  Hopefully the car (whose name I do not know yet) is ready on the 9th as promised.  She is getting new brakes as well as a safety and air test done, then on the 10th I move to THO for the year.  The house is already opened for the year so all I have to do is unpack and check to see if the clamp worked.

Then the season of 2013 can begin for me in earnest.

LauraVW Golf

I decided on a Golf because they have a lot of storage in the hatchback and so the trunk will become my tiny house office and studio on wheels.

I hope she will be a good car.

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Heading Home

Hitting the highway now back to Tiny House Ontario!

Woot!  Not about the highway – just about getting home.

This ahead of me, makes me cringe.


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