Getting More Stoned

I was at the quarry again today with my little sister T-rex.  When I arrived Dan had three piles of shale all ready to go so T-rex and I loaded the truck in a flash.

At THO there is now enough stone to finish the patio as well as the path down the West side of the house.  There is more than I need this year as well.  I am planning on 3 or four more trips to the quarry to get all the stone I need to finish the planned work for next year too.  This is because my brother in law is retiring his truck at the end of this month, so getting all the stone now is sensible and inexpensive.  Grandma used to call this sort of planning “a stitch in time”, you may already know the adage.

The temperatures here have climbed with the humidity so the job gets more difficult and uncomfortable.  Hopefully next week the temperatures will drop a little so that the levelling job will not be so miserable.  

This is the stone for the path to the garden (for next year)Stone for next yearThis is the edge of the house all level and settling while I finish the rest.

Edge of the house all set in stoneThis is the majority of the planned patio all laid out but most still needs levelling.

most of the stone is laid for the planned patio.


This is taking a long time because it is the first experience I have with this sort of work.

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12 thoughts on “Getting More Stoned

  1. Sally

    Hi.. Looks great, natural too. One thing which we learned the hard way, have you sloped them slightly away from the house so tht runoff from rain/ snow flows away from the walls? Can make a heap of difference. Thanks for sharing. Sally

  2. Kate

    Kay says your skills will increase; Kate says your muscles will increase! I am working on a rock and gravel laying project around my house now and am enjoying the process of puzzling together pieces to fit just so-so. I can tell you are doing a great job! Thanks for sharing!

  3. It is looking very professional to me. I don’t know how you can do such heavy work in this heat wave.

  4. Hi Laura:

    It is looking great! What a lot of work in this heat! We are working with field stones right now – trying to build a stone wall to help stabilize a bank on our “tiny” shoreline. I hope our work turns out as well as yours.

  5. Elizabeth

    Good girl. Keep up the hard work!

  6. looks nice

  7. I really like the effect, but love the title of this post as it surprised me and gave me a laugh.

  8. A stitch in time will save you a lot in the long run, and it looks like you’ve taken on a mega-project almost singlehanded. I admire your determination, and know your skill level will increase exponentially, the way these things tend to do.

  9. Looks wonderful!!!

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