Meanwhile in Boulder Colorado…

Good Luck Boulder!  What you are doing is important!

Check out this link!

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3 thoughts on “Meanwhile in Boulder Colorado…

  1. disabledcyclist

    I wish I could as well,my friend. Ultimately…coal should have been phased out long ago,IMO.

  2. disabledcyclist

    I’m torn on this subject…I’m ALL for renewable,sustainable energy (trust me,I truly am),but I grew up and live in an area where careers in the coal industry are the only things feeding my neighbors,family and friends. This isn’t a subject of only big business’s profit margins,it’s also one of hundreds of thousands of people losing their livelihoods,their homes,everything they’ve worked for their entire lives. I am the first generation in my family to NOT work in the coal industry (as in,literally underground mining the stuff”,my great great,great,and grand fathers mined coal,my dad still does (imagine their disgust when I went into a different field,LOL). So what are these so called geneious’s plans for all of these workers,do they have jobs (that pay the large salaries that these older workers have worked hard to earn over the last 20,40,50 years? What about these people? People who by this generation being born in this region have little choice…go to college and work hard hoping to find a career elsewhere,going hungry working menial labor/minimum wage jobs,or going underground (or do what I did,which is a direct cause of why I’m disabled today with mangled spine),or go away from home,away from their families to work on the road…

    On the other side of the coin…I really am in agreement with this movement. Fossil fuels (especially coal) is horrible on the environment,it’s nasty,and even though modern mining is much more green than in decades past,safer for the workers/etc,it’s still basically raping our planet and pillaging her innards for cheap energy (which isn’t cheap…),and even if it were to continue without opposition,it will run out (it’s only a matter of time),and that’s not even mentioning the inherent risks to the miners themselves (from cave-in’s to long term health issues) and it’s impact on local environments…

    IDK,like I said,I’m torn. I HATE what the coal industry is doing and has done to our beloved Earth, but I also worry about the real people (not these greedy fat bastards running these huge corporations making themselves rich off of both the land AND these people)….so….wonder what Boulder’s views on small/tiny living is (since my family and I are still planning and working towards it,and aren’t really tied to here….)….

    The DC

    • Hi DC
      First… I agree with you. I think that it is important that both of these views are taken into account. I know that a employment of every day people is just as important to life as them having a planet to live on. Human beings need hope and it is always these workers who take the brunt of the suffering when change comes… as it must. I would hope that as the coal slows down that jobs in sustainable energy become available. Nice union jobs in clean plants that make solar panels and wind towers. Buildings with light and clean air for the workers. I wish I was ultra wealthy and I could make this happen!
      Thank you for your important perspective on this issue.

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