Today, I am in Hamilton.  While here, I took a few minutes to stop at a couple of the wonderful old tiny houses that are part of the Hamilton Ontario, neighbourhood: Kirkendall North.  I left cards at couple of particularly charming ones to see if they would be interested in allowing me to tell the story of what it is like to live in these houses and a little about the history if known.  If the owners will meet with me, then I will do features about them on Tiny House Listings.

The houses I selected are all about a century old and appear to be between 3 and 5 hundred square feet in size.  I really hope to hear from the owners, not just so I can meet the Tiny Housers… but also because it would be fun to share some new stuff about old tiny houses with you, and to learn about them myself.

The great news is, one of the houses had someone at home… and surprisingly, I was invited in.  I have secured a time to come back to do an interview and take some photos.  It is a charming place which if I am well organized you will learn about next week!  Are you all as excited as me???

Here is a little info and some wonderful photos from the Kirkendall neighbourhood that might give you some idea of what is coming your way.

Below is an obscured photo of one of the houses that interests me.

Maybe this one?

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17 thoughts on “Hamilton

  1. You people are driving me bananas ! I am reading all of it and my heart is beating very fast. I am so much interested in Tiny Houses, specifically in Hamilton where my daughter will be moving soon. And I will do every thing possible to move into one. I also do artistic work, or should I say I did and stop a couple of years ago. Being in my own little house, I know that it would all come back to me like the bonny over the ocean. I sculpt and mostly cats. you can always check it out on: http://www.catsculptures.com The picture was taken some years ago and now have silver hair. Please let me know more about it… I would love to hear from any of you and thank you so much…..Helen

    • Hi Helen,
      I am not living in a tiny house in Hamilton but near Kingston. In Hamilton I live in a small house in the area that is near the piers and Bayfront Park. As far as I know tiny houses would be illegal here; however please do not let me dissuade your dreams! There are a lot of little backyard houses in Hamilton… an absolute ton of them are in the area where I live. They do not often even list them in MLS so you would have to see them in person – and some may need to be updated and serviced. I do not know your personal financial situation but one of these could work well if you have the money for an initial downpayment. Simply live in the little house and claim a section of the yard as your own and rent the house. There was just a wonderful one sold that is two houses behind me. Alternately, you could try and find someone who would be willing to rent you one that is already there. I don’t know many people in Hamilton because I am a transplant here and largely I live in Kingston at THO. I suggest you look in the area that is Strauchan to Wellington and closed in by the revitalized waterfront. Prices here seem to be rising fast… Good luck!

      • Hi Laura,
        I don’t know how come I had not seen this before. While talking to my daughter this morning, she is the one that mentioned I had a reply on one of my sharing but précised that it was from a man. I have got to learn more how this goes. I guess that the best way is to go on face book right? The purpose of me looking in Hamilton is to move close to my daughter. She has plenty of work on her plate taking care of establishing an Alternative School. So, I cannot ask her to help me out with this at the moment. Not having wheels doesn’t help much either but, I am not discourage. It will be easier once she is installed there in Hamilton. Her site will be called something like: Learning on Fertile Land… I’ll know more soon.

        Thank you so much for writing me and I will keep on following you where ever possible. It is so interesting to read people’s comments….Love it and wish you moucho happiness.


    • Your sculptures are FANTASTIC! Welcome to Hamilton…!

      • Hi Laura,
        I just saw that comment this morning. I am not sure if you are talking about the cat sculptures of mine… I clicked on yours and love your drawings but silly me, I thought I would see some of your Sculptures… I’d better get off the Tiny House all posted from the states huh? and get cracking with the one here in Ontario, more specifically in Hamilton… I hope that my daughter will find her house as quickly as possible so that I can too…hee hee hee…
        If your comment was for me, well I thank you very much and dying to join other artist there.
        Merci beaucoup,


  2. Lesley

    Hi Laura,
    Great shot of our little house! We were away on vacation but you are more then welcome to come check it out! Shoot me an email

  3. Mark

    This is my sisters and her fiancees house. She is away in Cuba atm, but I am sure she’d love to talk with you when she returns on Saturday. Much Obliged, Mark.

    • Hi Mark,
      Thank you! I have heard from your sister now that she is back. I look forward to meeting her and her house.

  4. I am really enjoying your Blog! I am very interested in the Tinyrevolution!

    • I am very happy that my peers and I are holding your interest. This is the goal of course and I know for me, when I do so, I feel a great reward.
      Thank you for sharing positive feedback with me!

  5. susanb2

    Hey Laura, We live (SIC: near where you are looking at tiny houses) ************** If you are back in this area, please call and come for some tea!


    • Thank you Susan. I will be there on Friday – do you live in a tiny (under 400) or small (under 800) square foot house and is this an offer to have me look at it?

  6. Yes, this is very interesting!

    • Yes Laura… like me… you landed in the very wrong area of town when arriving in Hamilton. Artists need to be around the others who inspire them. That is my belief anyway. On this note, it was divine to meet you today!

  7. What a COOL idea! I am excited to hear about them! Take lots of pictures too! 🙂

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