Let Us Be Kind

I watched a video today which my friend Jim-Bob posted.  It is a great idea this young man had and such a total tear jerker video!  Consider yourself warned!

Anyway, I decided to finally get to the linen closet because of watching this.  You see, I read that the SPCA is always in need of blankets and towels, so that the pets do not have to sleep on cement.

I once lived in a big house and had a big family and when I downsized last year I thought I had pretty much purged, but alas, this is what I had to give!

I am going to deliver them right now.  If you have any old ones that you don’t need I urge you to check with your local rescues and shelters because chances are you have old ones you don’t need and dogs don’t care if they are a little bit ratty.

What other nice thing can I do today????

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Too Goofy!

I was taking some photos around Tiny House Ontario while the dogs were in the cloth porch.

They did not like being on the other side much!  I took a photo just to see if it would work through the cloth porch.  Imp, Minnie and Rudigrrr Wolf put up a real fuss.

Imp and Rudigrrrr Wolf had to be photographed again through the sheer side, and I share with you because it is far too goofy to keep to myself.

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Sunny Honey Bunny

Waking up at Tiny House Ontario is really nice, particularly when the dogs are there and not in a hurry to get out of bed but rather prefer a little cuddle and a tummy rub.  This morning was one such beginning.   Honey Bunny (the red chihuahua) loves to sit in the sun, I often find her chasing sunny spots around as they move throughout the day.  She was so sweet and cuddly this morning.

My husband made a surprise visit down because there are a couple of jobs that require two people’s hands.  I had mentioned this problem, so he drove down with the four dogs just to help me.  Thanks Hj!  We have been doing some work today, but stopped now for a baked potato and to use the internet because we needed to take a quick trip to Rona for some wood and lemon oil.

This photo is the sun coming in from the West – where in the morning it comes through the East.  Still this is, essentially, what I wake up to at THO.

The wonderful painting on the dresser is by Kingston artist Geoff Smith.  I purchased this from him a few months ago and have not yet decided how to frame it.  I loved the bridge, life seems to always be a series of going through things.  The painting seemed to me to be a material visual of this.  How would you frame this one, if it were in your Tiny House?

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Back Home

Another confession:

I frequently make up stupid songs based on people’s music and sing them to the poor unfortunate people who are with me.    GILLY GILLY OSSENFEFFER KATZENELLEN BOGEN BY THE SEA (Al Hoffman / Dick Manning) is my most recent victim… I posted the Beatles version of this some time ago and learned the tune and melody.  After I learn a song then I plagiarize, pilfer, twist them depending on what is going on.

Here is this morning’s THO version based on my being on my way back home soon….

There’s a Tiny House,

in the Tiny Woods

Where a Tiny Girl

Filled a Tiny Dream

Now the house sits still

waiting there for me

It is Tiny House Ontario

Chocolate shed in forest

loved by me-e-e-e-e…

OK… so now you know, I am not much of a song writer but if you know the tune, as I do, it is kind of funny.


Well, my dogs think it is funny.  They told me so with their eyes.  They had to do it this way, because of course dogs hardly ever laugh out loud.  At least mine don’t.  Do yours?

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All My Bags are Packed

Though this is not a terribly exciting topic, it is one that is not all together infrequent… and it is part of my Tiny House experience, so here are a few words about it.

From time to time I leave THO and head to Hamilton, Ontario.  Sometimes it is because of an appointment, sometimes it is because I have company coming to visit from elsewhere and unless I stack people in my bed then I cannot host them at THO.  I also head back to Hamilton for writing/art related reasons, or simply because I am escaping the cold weather in the fall (still not heated).

Whatever the reason, there is always a process.  I have something that I call the “back and forth box” which is simply a large clear plastic tote box that carries what I can fit in my husband’s car as well as the items which I do not keep at both places, like paintings in the works, or containers that had food one way and belong the other way.  I also bring my laundry back to the Hamilton house because there is a wash machine there.

This visit is for all of the reasons above, excluding heat but including the need to visit Brewer’s Marine about LED 12V lights.

When I pack up to leave there is a process that I use.  Pack the back and forth box with stuff including my big toiletries kit (lipstick, mascara, baking soda & vinegar), pack the cooler, put together the laundry including bedding and mats, pack the garbage and recycling.  Sweep the floors, dump the compost, check the BBQ is off.  Last two things is to pack the dogs in their travel crates and get them safely in the car and then take one last look at THO to make sure that everything is OK.

I think it looks as though it will be there when I get back in a few days.

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