All My Bags are Packed

Though this is not a terribly exciting topic, it is one that is not all together infrequent… and it is part of my Tiny House experience, so here are a few words about it.

From time to time I leave THO and head to Hamilton, Ontario.  Sometimes it is because of an appointment, sometimes it is because I have company coming to visit from elsewhere and unless I stack people in my bed then I cannot host them at THO.  I also head back to Hamilton for writing/art related reasons, or simply because I am escaping the cold weather in the fall (still not heated).

Whatever the reason, there is always a process.  I have something that I call the “back and forth box” which is simply a large clear plastic tote box that carries what I can fit in my husband’s car as well as the items which I do not keep at both places, like paintings in the works, or containers that had food one way and belong the other way.  I also bring my laundry back to the Hamilton house because there is a wash machine there.

This visit is for all of the reasons above, excluding heat but including the need to visit Brewer’s Marine about LED 12V lights.

When I pack up to leave there is a process that I use.  Pack the back and forth box with stuff including my big toiletries kit (lipstick, mascara, baking soda & vinegar), pack the cooler, put together the laundry including bedding and mats, pack the garbage and recycling.  Sweep the floors, dump the compost, check the BBQ is off.  Last two things is to pack the dogs in their travel crates and get them safely in the car and then take one last look at THO to make sure that everything is OK.

I think it looks as though it will be there when I get back in a few days.

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4 thoughts on “All My Bags are Packed

  1. Anonymous

    Those doggies are so cute. Is the one a Yorkie? I have 7 dogs and I love them dearly.

    • The dogs are all sort of a mystery except for Honey who is the red long haired Chihuahua. The one who looks most Yorkie is Rudigrrr Wolf who was found abandoned in the forest with two other dogs last October, or vet thinks that he is about 2 years old and Yorkie/Poo. The other two Minnie who is white and tan merle and Imp who is black with tan markings are sisters; I know they don’t look it but it is the truth! I jokingly refer to them as the identical twins. Mom is chihuahua and dad is mystery Heinz 57 with a little ketchup. Two of my dogs died last year, but I have never had seven at a time unless I was babysitting.
      I love dogs too. I would have a lot of them, big, medium, small (and all rescued) if time and money were not concerns.

  2. Velda

    I love packing, it’s the army brat in me lol…I home your trip back to Hamilton is safe.

    • I don’t mind it either V even though I never moved at all when I was wee, I made up for it as a grown woman. This back and forth thing to the Tiny House is a breeze actually it is a good chance to clean up each of the places on leaving them! We are safely here all dogs cozy beside me and off to bed shortly. xo L

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