Let Us Be Kind

I watched a video today which my friend Jim-Bob posted.  It is a great idea this young man had and such a total tear jerker video!  Consider yourself warned!

Anyway, I decided to finally get to the linen closet because of watching this.  You see, I read that the SPCA is always in need of blankets and towels, so that the pets do not have to sleep on cement.

I once lived in a big house and had a big family and when I downsized last year I thought I had pretty much purged, but alas, this is what I had to give!

I am going to deliver them right now.  If you have any old ones that you don’t need I urge you to check with your local rescues and shelters because chances are you have old ones you don’t need and dogs don’t care if they are a little bit ratty.

What other nice thing can I do today????

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3 thoughts on “Let Us Be Kind

  1. tylerstinyhouse

    My girlfriend runs a rescue http://www.wharfrescue.ca and we always appreciate any donations. You are doing a great thing by getting the word out and on behalf of the rescues out there we thank you!! Ps small blankets and towel are the best cause they are easier to wash. Haha

  2. Anonymous

    I did this earlier this year when Sam started to volunteer at the humane Society. It feels good to give, purge the closets, and to know that the animals will be just a little more comfortable. I find that Periodically I still have a few towel, or blankets etc that I find or want to replace, and send those with her when she goes….Doesn’t matter if its 1
    blanket or 10, It makes a huge difference to one of those very lonely, very lovely pets. Thank you for giving them so much, I know that they will be put to good use, and the shelter with be very grateful :o)

    • I can’t believe how grateful the people were when I brought the blankets in. There were a lot of dogs there. I would have loved to bring them all home. Even the poor little girl with really bad fear aggression.

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