Inside Tiny House Ontario

Tiny House Ontario is looking so sweet these days.  I thought it was as good a time as any to share some updated photos.


Fruity table cloth – LOVE

Built a corner bench around the table in the cloth porch.  $112.

Bought an antique chamber pot for the in-house. $50

DSC00620 (1)

  1. DSC00920

    Tiny House Ontario

    Not much new in the kitchen.    Sofa and stonework with the wood stove (I am not happy with the stove)

  2. DSC00923

    Tiny House Ontario


Exterior after the rain

DSC00924 (1)

Tiny House Ontario 2016


Tiny House Ontario

Entry corner.

HJ reading under the solar light in the cloth porch


Tiny House Ontario cloth porch reading by LED solar lights


Tiny House Ontario Loft



Tiny House Ontario, loft – bedroom, king bed and ceilings tall enough for me to stand under.


The Tiny Bad Wolf of Tiny House Ontario  😀  

  • Rudigrrr Wolf at the table.
  • 4/5ths of the dog pack waiting at the door


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11 thoughts on “Inside Tiny House Ontario

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  2. Such a cozy, peaceful home. Love it! ❤

  3. Garnet

    What a great home!!! And adorable furkids too!

  4. Hi Laura The tiny house looks great. Sheryl and I have moved out of Hamilton and are now living in the country, Hope to touch base soon!

  5. Anonymous

    Why are you not happy with the stove?

  6. Your home looks just about perfect! Rudigrrr Wolf looks like quite a character. Do all 5 sleep in the bed with you?

    • Thanks Abbie!
      Yes the little bad Wolf is a total ham. He is almost like a bee the way he buzzes around to get attention.
      The dogs do sleep with me. They get carried up at night and down in the morning. Clearly we are a bit nuts.

  7. Anonymous

    Well it’s just beautiful! So well designed and cozy!

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