Guillaume’s place

It has been a long while since I updated you on Guillaume’s tiny house.  I think the last time I did, it looked like this:

Guillaume's Trailer

I don’t even think I let you know when his house looked like this:


I did not even fill you in when it was moved – which was pretty exciting!!!



Then last fall when I stopped to see him and the siding was being put on, I also did not update you!


And yet, the building went on.

The other day I popped over to see my Guillaume and his house.  Unfortunately, he was not there.


DSC00733 (2).jpg

I did find something unexpected!

DSC00729 (2).jpg


A porch!!!

And with the exterior now finished, I am sure there will be lots happening inside there in 2016!


She is a beauty Guillaume!

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4 thoughts on “Guillaume’s place

  1. Debbi schreiter

    I would so love a tiny home community in Kitchener! My home town and would love to see especially a young senior community with 500 – 999 sq feet homes, small garden abilty to fence a small back yard. Wow i would be in seventh heaven. I am soooo ready. Where is that future thinking developer??

  2. Denise Desnoyers

    Happy for you

  3. Kim

    Absolutely wonderful!!!!

  4. Nice,we invite you to our festival four day free stay

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