Rainy Day Coffee and Paint

Tiny House Ontario does not yet have a propane cooktop.  I know which one I want.  A two burner by Atwood.  It is not expensive or difficult to install.  It is also significantly more convenient and cheap to run than this rig as well as being more safe.

Seriously… cooking atop of a giraffe’s head with a butane torch while spitting out Toonies might be a better idea.  These little stoves are not very practical (even though this has been handy).  The problem is that I have not found a sink, or a fridge that I like (and can afford) and until I have these, I cannot decide where the propane cooktop goes in the kitchen counter top and I do not want a hole in it until I know where every little bit is going.

Still rain comes and I have no intention of standing there in the cold spring rain while my water slowly boils.  So the little camp cooker is the best I can do.

Who can complain when one has some really good coffee from Hatter’s Bay?

While I had my rainy day coffee – I put a base coat of (artist quality) paint on my mismatched cupboards.  Not really an improvement but still, the knobs work!

Too, I won a free decorating consultation from Kingston Paint and Decorating while at an event to raise funds for the Special Olympics, so perhaps I will have them come to look at the Tiny House cupboard colour?  I suspect that they may find this somewhat weird, but I know someone who works there – so she might pre-warn them!  Still, I love the little ladder that came with it and I am happy to support a small business.  Particularly those who support their community through donating to good causes!

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7 thoughts on “Rainy Day Coffee and Paint

  1. Tracey

    As mentioned Friday night, your family, need to come with their own step-ladder, won or bought! Aside from your Uncle Wray… He is the oddball in that family, (so to speak).

    • At 5’5″ I am an amazonian warrior sized woman… Matter of fact I am a somewhat huge man at this height! ;-P

  2. Devlin

    Have you checked out Craigslist or Freecycle? One idea would be to buy an old camper or pop up and strip it of the propane stove, the sink, and DC lights. Once the camper is stripped you could make a flat bed trailer and sell it to make some money back!

    • Thanks Devlin! I have seen some of the videos of people doing this and I agree with you! It is a great idea. Problems are that I don’t have a lot of skills around these issues and with a motorbike as my only wheels it is tough to rid myself of the waste afterward.

      • Devlin

        Welcome Laura! I recently bought a 11′ pop up camper off of craigslist for $100. What a mess it was, no screens and it was a condo for mice. I rented a truck from U Haul to tow it home, I’m stripping it now and will try to sell some of the parts on craigslist. I plan on making a Vardo/ Gypsy caravan out of it. Occasionally I do see free campers on craigslist so it might be worth keeping an eye open and then renting a pick up truck to tow it. Your just interested in the parts really so it doesn’t matter if the camper should be condemned 🙂 Have you seen http://www.simplesolarhomesteading.com Lamar has some great idea’s!

      • Thanks Devlin! I will for sure. I never thought of a uhaul! Not the sharpest knife in the drawer really…

      • Devlin

        No worries neither am I. I have friends and family with trucks but they seem to be mysteriously busy whenever I need to borrow one! haha So I rented a pick up from U Haul

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