Ontario Building Code, Orillia

Here is the building code for Ontario, as it has to do with size.  This was provided to us by Ontario’s amazing tiny house researcher, Lulu Chan, who in turn got it from the Chief Building Official from Orillia, Ontario.

The attached (below) is both an interesting and sort of hard to read document which shows that Ontario building code will allow for homes to be built that are 239 square feet, plus a bathroom.

Orillia is open for any of you who are interested in purchasing land and putting up a house of this size.

Now for the rest of the province!

What does about 250 feet of well designed space look like?

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 8.10.58 PM

A gorgeous 250 square foot floor plan



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6 thoughts on “Ontario Building Code, Orillia

  1. I have recently moved to Orillia and have been tiny house dreaming for some time. I am encouraged by what I am reading about the codes here. I would prefer no wheels and I may have some undeveloped land I can lease. So……my understanding is that I could build a minimum 239 Sq. foot house here?
    Any thoughts/comments are much appreciated. Thanks.

    • Hi Lynne! I pass this information on as I get it from my readers. This was news that I got and reported on. I advise you to contact the community that you are considering and find out exactly what the restrictions are. Do not spend any money until you are 100% satisfied that you can find a place which both makes you happy and that the community permits. Each person must do their own diligence because I cannot possibly research and know every community’s restrictions.
      I hope this makes sense.
      Laura AKA Tiny House Ontario

    • Christopher Baker

      Examine the bylaw carefully, there will be standard requirements for services and septic; leased land may not be in compliance. I would suggest you make an appointment with the building inspector and present your concept.

  2. marillawex

    Wow – this is really encouraging. I wonder if this means a tiny house on wheels built to Ontario building codes could potentially be put on a foundation.

  3. Denise Desnoyers

    I am so happy to read that in Orillia,On change the code for smaller house, hope more city do the same.

    Thanks Laura

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