To everything there is a season.

The time has come for me to move on to the Kitchener area, and therefore my very beloved Tiny House Ontario is for sale.

There are about 9 acres of land, which are all forested, and the property is listed at $198,000.  The taxes last year were just under $900 and the heat was about $200 for the winter.  We run our power off solar so this and insurance are the only costs of keeping the property.  So our ANNUAL costs are similar to a one bedroom apartment for a month.  The place is 24 km from downtown Kingston and just a kilometre off the main road on a well serviced roads.

The land is on an escarpment and about 600 feet above sea level, so you can see the Rideau Canal, and even the windmills of Wolfe Island on clear days.  If you would like to have a view, you will love this property!  Note: in the video at 124 the drone starts to show the escarpment. It is quite high – about four stories.  It gets a couple of good veiws of it.

All furnishings are included except the bedside table that my cousin Vernie made for me.

Here are some photos from inside (last year)

For information please contact Jason Sands at Sandsland.

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15 thoughts on “THO is FOR SALE

  1. tinytownassociation

    Best of luck on your tiny home sale. We should talk about the community you are working to setup in Kitchener. We may be able to assist some.

  2. thumble

    Hi Laura, I am starting to look into putting together a Tiny Home subdivision in Southern Ontario, using a new sustainable building material nano-cellulose). Could you please contact me at – I’d like to set up a call to discuss some basics. Thanks, Tony

  3. Leona LaFrance

    I’m a senior living in Trenton, how does one go about finding about qualifying for the grants?

  4. Laura T


    My name is Laura. I’m a grade 11 student living in Ontario, Canada. I’m currently working on a school project about the issues of building and parking a tiny house in Canada. I would love to get in contact with you and ask you a few questions about some of the legal issues surrounding tiny homes.


  5. Laura, I’d love to connect with you personally and work with you on getting the tiny community going here. I live in Kitchener, and we are VERY serious about getting this going either here or very nearby. Please let me know how we can get in direct contact (if you’re interested).

  6. jezziebezzie

    End of an era…but the beginning of an exciting new chapter! I hope it sells at the price & in the time frame that you want. I’m just working on renos to my condo so I can sell it & start my RV Gypsy Adventure. I’m really excited thinking that by the conclusion of my extended journey there’ll be a tiny home village underway in kitchener waiting for me…and some pretty cool neighbours!

  7. All the best with the move and continued advocacy Laura. I look forward to connecting when you arrive in the tri-cities Guelph area.!

  8. Ellen

    So sorry to see that you are putting THO up for sale. Your site was one of the first TH ones that I ever signed up to and I loved following your creation process. The finished TH is an absolute credit to you and your dedication to a dream. Hope you enjoy living closer to your family.

    • Thank you Ellen for your very kind words! My plan is to continue to work toward a tiny house community in the Kitchener area. I will continute to write here and advocate for tiny houses and minimal living.

  9. Wow nice spot! I especially like the 7 acre plot.
    Why the heck do you want to move to Kitchener!? Kitchener is like hell compared to that everybody is drowning in debt here.

    • It is close to 9 acres Mark. My husband works in Guelph, my sons are in Hamilton and one of my daughters in Kitchener. Plus both my son and daughter have little boys and I want my grandsons to know me.

  10. A unique opportunity for the right person. Good luck in Kitchener!

  11. Let’s all help her sell her Tiny Home and get her on her way.

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