If You Like It: You Better Put A Lock On It

I have on a few occasions visited tiny houses in the process of being built and found that the owner had not yet put a lock on it.  I always advise that they do so.  I am not sure if most or even if any of them take the time to do it.  A pretty decent wheel lock can be purchased for about $100 and you can also get a hitch lock for about the same price.  It just makes sense to work this relatively small purchase into your budget because if you build on wheels you will always need them, right???

I choose to write about this topic now for two reasons, the first being that spring is coming and now is the time where you will be ordering your trailers and thinking about your build, right?

Secondly, because this was a lesson that Casey and Jessica Friday learned the very hard way when their nearly complete tiny house was stolen.  Unfortunately some jerk just pulled in and hooked up and off they went.

The GREAT news is that the story of the theft hit the news and neighbours of the thieves called the police.  Casey and Jessica have the house back!  Well… it is in Police Impound actually; however, it is in almost he same condition as it was before it was stolen and they will get it back soon I am sure.

Chalk one up for the good guys and people who do the right thing!

I am not going to say too much more because Casey does a great job at his own blog advocating for a couple of locks and I wanted to lead you all to that story.  I will warn you, that if you go on to read more – including the post that he did when the house was stolen that he uses language that some may find offensive.  I ask that if you decide not to heed my warning that you remember that he and wife spent three years of their life, all their extra time and money to make this dream happen for themselves… Don’t be judgemental!  I am sure they were in shock and he was rightfully angry about the loss.


On another topic, I think I have not let you know too much about Guillaume’s tiny house which is being built right next to Tiny House Ontario… Well here it is, all locked up under a bunch of tarps.  I think he will unveil it and I will show you more in the spring.

Yet to be unveiled

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3 thoughts on “If You Like It: You Better Put A Lock On It

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  2. Kim Struthers

    If you had more land to rent, I would fill out an application, bring you an updated CPIC and wow you with my vegan treats and my granddaughter, whom you’ve already fallen for, and then sign on the dotted line lol

    Thanks for the updates,


    • I would honestly love that Kim. Unfortunately, you can’t live in a house on wheels in the area where we live. It isn’t legal. Our friend Guillaume is building at my place until he is done and then he will have to move it.
      Myself, I would love a small community of like minded tiny housers surrounding me. The land could easily hold five of us who would not even see one another’s homes unless they came to visit… and five tiny houses would be significantly less stressful on the land and take up significantly less space than even one normal sized home… Makes no sense really.
      I truly hope that building departments start to get it…
      And you are right, that little girl of yours, is just too sweet.
      ❤ L

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