Marching In

It has been a while since I have posted anything about Tiny House Ontario, I also have not written much for Tiny House Listings.  I am not good at pretending to be engaged with things when I am not.  However, I realized today that we are nearly at the end of February and with March around the corner there are things to do.

Guillaume stopped by at THO and found that a storm had whipped over the solar panel.  Given that the temperature highs have been in the minus 20 range and both he and I don’t trust the tensile strength of frozen wire and the panels it will have to stay tipped until spring.  If not broken I will put a log under it to keep it down instead of just rocks.  Not sure if my battery is frozen now too… It all have to wait until spring.

Solar mishap - photo by Guillaume Corbin

Solar mishap – photo by Guillaume Corbin

A nice photo here too of my tiny house and Guillaume’s together.  His sits a little farther away from the camera than mine but it sort of gives you an idea of how much higher a loft can be in a house that sits on a foundation.

It also reminds me that I have to bring the old BBQ to the metal recycle location and buy a new one.  The one at the centre of this photo gave up on me last fall.  I hope to get a smaller one.  This big old guy is left over from the days when we still had children living at home.  I would like one that has the size of a toaster oven but with a side burner.  Any suggestions?

Guillaume checking in on our houses - photo credit Guillaume Corbin

Guillaume checking in on our houses – photo credit Guillaume Corbin

You know, I am so glad to be healing up!  These days I am walking five miles a day to get my resistance back up and I am painting some too.  I am working out because the fact is, I need to be in better shape to work at the house.  And you know, I am really looking forward to getting home to Tiny House Ontario and being once again engaged with with tiny house community.

There is a lot to do there, as always.  So much stuff is left undone, but my primary goal for spring is to get the solar sorted and get my little wood stove in.  After that I will have to see what is, after (what will be) 20 months of absenteeism, most pressing.  I don’t imagine that I will have much time for polishing the sofa with my arse.

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