What a Porch!

As you all know, I love my cloth porch.  It is the room that I use the most, but it was built on the fly and it is not exactly a pretty addition.  When I added the boards last winter I purchased them with the intent of actually using them as a roof when I restructure the porch so that it actually looks as nice as it functions.

I am most interested in timber framed logs because I have easy access to this material and I have done a couple of workshops on how to build these things.  The material is of course the maples that fell in last year’s drought.  They will be good and dry by next spring.

While googling today I came across a fantastic looking but huge porch which is attached to a tiny house.  Well… it is actually not a tiny house… but a swimming pool change room at a McMansion, but it could just as easily serve as a tiny house.  I know I could live here easily!

pool house timber frame Do you think it is still a tiny house if you have a HUGE and decadent porch?  I think it would have to count in the square footage.

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2 thoughts on “What a Porch!

  1. Love it….! A stunning porch….

  2. Now there is my dream home, minus the pool. I will probably be more literal than you anticipated in my answer, but I would have to say this does not count in the sq footage of the home unless you were to buy the wood for the porch and then it would have to count on the footprint as materials used to build it. I prefer more outdoor space than indoor which is what draws me to this home.

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